Computing Fields And How They Vary Orientation To Computer Science Essay

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COMS 1403
Computing Fields Analysis
The field of computing is enormous because of how much technology has grown. As a result, the different types of computing-related careers have been categorized into different degrees. Each one has their own qualities that make them unique, so it is good for people to know what they are getting into before they choose one.
While each one is unique, they still have some similarities. Programming, for example, is obviously fundamental to technology; as a result, every programming degree is going to study at least some programming. Also, all the degrees, besides game design, require the study of discrete mathematics. Discrete mathematics is the study of functions that are not continuous, known as discrete functions. It is very important to computers because graph theory is tied to it, and that is useful with logic and getting from one place to the next. It is also important for most people studying these fields to know about designing databases efficiently and how to implement them.
The study of computer science is what most people who want to focus on coding choose to study. The focus of computer science is programming and computing, so it’s heavily based on understanding why code works the way it does. As a result, there is a deep study of algorithms. On top of that, computer science requires significantly more math than all the other computing degrees, so a prospective student needs to be able to grasp mathematical concepts well. As a result of this focus on programming, this degree requires four programming classes, rather than the three that information technology and information systems must take. A bachelor’s degree will typically suffice in this field; however, some students pursue a master’s degree.
Information systems is a more business-oriented computing degree. It is more focused on how information can be used to solve business problems. This degree does not go as in-depth as computer science, but it gives the most expansive view of the computing field. This makes it a very fitting degree for someone who wants to be a project manager. It allows them to have knowledge and lead others to produce the desired program or product. While this approach of viewing more topics is useful, it does have the downside of not having a full knowledge of each of these topics, which can lead to some gaps in knowledge when deep problems need to be solved.
The information technology degree is more focused on training students to use computer technology in order help a company. This degree looks much more into hardware than the others. Having knowledge of both software and hardware, a student will know how to tailor technology to a company’s specific needs. This means that they will have to be able to customize programs to fit the employee’s capabilities. All of this interaction with people requires good social skills. These communication skills will allow them to see what will help the co-worker understand the technology, and then optimize it to those needs. One special thing about this degree is that you can focus on different tech areas, such as networking, security, or database management, rather than having to do a little bit of everything at your job.
Cybersecurity is significantly different from the previously discussed degrees. Its focus is on protecting information from attacks. Other than a few programming classes, cybersecurity’s degree plan is very independent from the other computing degrees. Students will learn subjects such as Cyber Defense, Cryptography, and Risk Management, which the other degrees do not have. While ethics is an issue with any of the computing degrees, it is a much greater issue in cybersecurity because of the content that is learned. People need to fully understand how that knowledge can be used, whether it be for good or bad. On top of knowing how to protect from attacks, students will learn on how to combat them once they have occurred and recover afterward. Another aspect of cybersecurity is that you can use knowledge of social interaction to try to manipulate the hacker and trick them to your advantage.
Computer science education is quite a bit different from a regular computer science degree. It is more of a hybrid between education and computer science, and it does not go as in-depth as regular computer science degree. It only requires three programming classes rather than four. This job is very in demand right now because of how much computer science is growing, which means that more people are needed to teach the subject. The College Board offers Advanced Placement courses about computer science, so this increases the job market even larger. This degree is significantly less strenuous in math than computer science. It requires College Algebra instead of Calculus I and II.
The study of arts in game and interactive media design is a very different degree from the others because it is art based. One interesting thing about games is that they have storylines. Because of this, creative writing is a part of the degree. This degree has many different aspects to it that allow someone to figure out which part of design is for them: such as 3D modeling, animation, and drawing. Drawing is useful for the early sketches of characters. This degree has more electives than the others, so it gives the student a lot more freedom.
Computer science is the best fit for me, and I chose it for several reason. I have always had talent with computers. They have always made sense to me, and I always figured that my career would involve them; I just did know how. Then, I took AP Computer Science my senior and fell in love with Java programming. I scored a five on the exam, and I loved solving those problems. I also love the logic that is in mathematics. This works degree is perfect for me because I love math and programming. As of right now, I do not have any desire to study anything else.


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