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Concentration Camps Vs. School: Are They Really That Different?

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One can think how horrible a concentration camp is, one can think how horrible schools are, the scary thing is that they aren't that far different from each other! Elie Wiesel describes in detail the concentration camps he is in and how he feels emotionally. Elie mentions several things about concentration camps that can be directly compared to a school or schools. Although people will say how the feeling of actually being inside a concentration camp and the feeling of being in school are completely different, if someone has never been to a concentration camp, then school is all they know and that's bad enough. Those who have been to concentration camps have been through a world with bells, ...view middle of the document...

It tears a good student up inside to be given a detention and or suspension slip. Sometimes what is even worse than the faculty are the so called- tough guys who go looking for a fight for no practical reason. This can hurt someone in a way that Elie hurts after getting beaten. Once the prisoners in Night have been beaten several times, they are numb to the pain of whips or punches just as bad students are numb to the gut-wrenching feeling of receiving slips by teachers or administrators.Elie describes the electric fences holding him/them inside the camps. The fear for Elie and the prisoners isn't getting caught- it's the electricity which is constantly holding them in. At one point in Night, the whole camp's power is shut off and there aren't guards watching the fences. " was relatively easy to escape during a warning -the guards left their lookout posts and the electric current was cut off in the barbed wire fences..." Elie and the prisoners could have escaped, but they had the same fear as students do when they have the chance to jump the fence...

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