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University of PhoenixJuly 18, 2009MKT/421IntroductionThe mold that holds companies together are the Mission and Vision Statement is the mission and vision statements define who a company is and what the company is about. The vision statement defines the company's motivation the vision statement illustrates what the company plans to become and provides strategic decision methods. Companies must live by standards and codes in order to successful operate their business. This paper will provide an explanation of the importance of Husch Bridal's vision, mission and values that determine the strategic direction of Husch BridalDefining the Business and MissionThe business world is complex and high ...view middle of the document...

The main focal point will be to start out in Saint Charles County and expand in to other Missouri counties and eventually become a statewide bridal company.Defining the Values and guiding principlesHusch Bridal will run business by the basic values of doing the right thing for our clients by responding to their needs in a timely manner, while providing them with first class respect. Treating their wedding as it was our own. Cutting corners to speed up the process will not be an option; there will never be a charge for services not rendered. Each Client will be called back the same day they call in to schedule their appointment within a 24hour period of time to ensure that all clients' weddings are scheduled in convenient time. Clients will be able to expect each step in the process of planning their wedding to ensure that the highest level qualityservice was maintained to ensure the client satisfaction was 110 percent. To main our 110 percent satisfaction level all professionalism standards and a no tolerance policy will be in place for any unethical behavior toward our clients, andconsultants who violate our standards will be dealt with accordingly.The values of the company are the foundation for Husch Bridal will operate from day to day. These values will invite many clients to see the ethical business practices that Husch Bridal wishes to express. The strategic direction will be achieved by sticking to the basic principles of our vision and mission statement. The values of this Bridal Consulting company will be guided in the right direction when the time comes to conduct ethical business practices.Defining the Competitive AdvantageIn itself beginning a business is a risky endeavor without the proper strategic planning, budgeting efforts and a clear mission or a vision a business will surely run its course before it even began, which is why the first step is to determine the competitive advantage through a positioning process. Armstrong and Kotler said, "The competitive advantage is gained through a company...

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