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Conflict Resolution Research Paper

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Running head: CONFLICT RESOLUTIONConflict ResolutionJune 20, 2011Table of Contents3Abstract 3Conflict Resolution 3Conclusion 4References AbstractMcShane and Von Glinow (2008, p. 324), states that "language is the most obvious cross-cultural communication challenge. Words are easily misunderstood in verbal communication either because the receiver has a limited vocabulary or because the sender's accent distorts the usual sound of some words." Leaders require better conflict management skills because multiple cross-cultural situations in which employees with diverse cultural backgrounds may arise and lead to conflicting situations. What appears to be ...view middle of the document...

To achieve a jointly agreed upon goal, the facilitator should remain impartial to the topics or issues and focusing on procedural assistance while moving through the problem-solving steps of the meeting efficiently. When the emotions of the parties' concerning the issues in dispute are low to moderate, this method of facilitating is most appropriate.The second ADR technique, "conciliation", stated by the EEOC, (2011, p. 1), "involves building a positive relationship between the parties to a dispute," a conciliator helps in building the trust that is necessary for cooperative problem-solving. He or she should be helpful in establishing communication while clarifying any misperceptions. The main goal of conciliation is to promote openness, "to build positive perceptions, and enhance trust" between the parties."The third ADR technique, which is based on trust, is interest-based problem-solving, according to U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (2011, ADR Report: Part II - Best Practices in Alternative Dispute Resolution FY 2003-FY 2004), "is a technique that creates effective solutions while improving the relationship between the parties." It separates the person "from the problem, explores all interests to define issues clearly, brainstorms possibilities and opportunities, and uses some mutually agreed upon standard to reach a solution." Where two or more parties are seeking to reach agreement, it is an effective technique.The first company examined is one of the world's largest producers of textbooks, The McGraw-Hill Companies, (McGraw-Hill). According to McGraw-Hill (2011, p. 1), there are a number of ways in which employees may resolve workplace disputes. "If there is a problem in the workplace, employees are encouraged to start with their manager or human resources representative. If this is not possible then employees can go to the next highest level of management or the Corporate Equal Employment Opportunity" department. Through Chief Executive Officer Joseph L. Dionne, McGraw-Hill has another resolution process, created as a voluntary alternative dispute resolution program called FAIR (Fast and Impartial Resolution). Dionne stated, "It was time to supplement the open-door policy with a formal, in-house alternative dispute resolution program (ADR)." He also said, "to develop something that settled disputes quickly, something good for morale," (Bencivenga, 1996, p. 1). The voluntary FAIR Program has three phases, beginning with filing a written complaint. Neutral mediators are used if the decision is not satisfactory to the employee. Finally, if the results from the mediator are not satisfactory to the employee, there is binding arbitration with a written decision, (McGraw-Hill, 2011).The second company examined was Lowe's Companies, Inc., in which uses an alternative conflict resolution approach different from McGraw-Hill, a five-step method of solving conflict before it needs ADR. According to Anderson (2006), Lowes' uses ideas from...

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