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Conformity Essay

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It is hard to wake up each day trying to conform to the norms of everydaysociety. Society's behavior is guided by a set of rules that tell us what weshould and should not do. With some jobs its hard to be an individual However, that is not to say you can't. Differences in character andappearance in your uniform can make the biggest difference. When thesedifferences are erased ...view middle of the document...

The clotheswe wear, the work or job we do in the military, and even the manner in whichwe speak are all factors of conformity. Conformity is the adjustment ofone's behavior or judgment to match with a group standard, these standardare not only in the military, but also in basically everything you do in life. I'mnot trying to explain what conformity is, just the fact that we areconforming everyday in some way. So how do you deal with something that youare faced with everyday? Believe it or not conformity is something that allof us do, whether we would like to admit to it or not.I feel that the need to express my individuality is greater than that of metrying to conform to a set of standards and yet I am still conforming. In themilitary, I make an effort to better myself in professional knowledge,military bearing, and the quality of work I do, but still I fall under sometype of norm. It may be considered an above standard norm, but it is still anorm and you are expected to do it, which again equates conformity.

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