Connector PDA Positioning Analysis Using Marketing Engineering For Excel - Graduate - Assignment

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Assignment 1
Positioning the Connector 2001 – White paper
The Connector, model version 10L, would be Netlink's first major product introduction since the company was
formed. The following paper discusses regarding how to best position and target Connector 10L to ensure a
successful launch after performing various analysis on the given data.
Number of Dimensions:
After running the initial analysis and observing the results in the diagnostics, we can deduce that 46% of
variance is explained through one dimension.
67% is explained through 2 dimensions which means that the behavior and information of the original data with
numerous attributes can be reduced to 2 dimensions with 67% of the variance explained.
By adding one more dimension a total variance of 14% will be explained additionally, which results in 81% of the
Cumulative variance explained.
As the three dimensions balance total variance explained and cumulative variance explained in the best way we
consider 3 dimensions.
Screenshots of joint space map of the perceptual data
UConn ID: 2714883
Naming the Axes:
 X axis is the first most important axis explaining a total variance of 46% .It has many attributes
surrounding and can be named as “Personal Use “
 As Y axis is primarily characterized by Internet, Memory, Light weight and Multimedia it can be named
as “Hardware Capability” and it is considered as the second most important axis as it explains a total
variance of 21%(The second highest value of total variance explained)
 Z axis can be named as “Physical appeal” and it is considered as the least significant axis with a lowest
total variance explanation of 13.5%
Market Perception:
Coming to the details of the map, people in the market perceive that Connector 10L does extremely well in
Data entry, connectivity and does a poor job...

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