Consequentialism And Deontology Ethics And Values Essay

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Defining Consequentialism and DeontologyDefining Consequentialism and Deontology  
Every choice we make in life has a consequence behind it​, ​within our choices
determine rather we want to make the choice that brings us good consequences or bad.
Consequentialism is the doctrine that the morality of an action is to be judged solely by
its consequences.
Consequentialist basically believe that every action is all about the ending
results​; ​they live to better the majority of the people. Consequentialist can only be
wrong if you can determine what is morally correct but there’s no specific answer for
that, truth is in most situations we don’t know what is considered to be morally correct.
Deontology is the study of the nature of duty and obligation​. ​Deontology beliefs
have been around for many centuries, many call it the belief on how things ought to be.
Deontologist believe that the consequences should be bad if the action is wrong or that
the consequences should be good if the action was right​. Deontology has more to deal
with moral obligation.
Breaking more into the difference in the two I’d have to say that I believe our
people should live by Deontology rather than Consequentialism​. ​In life I believe that the
good guy should always win, consequentialism doesn’t provide that​. ​Consequentialism
basically says that if you kill the president because you want to be the president is okay
because you’ll be president​.
Consequentialism is a selfish act​, ​and it’s a very risky game; anybody could get
hurt in the process or anybody could win​. ​With Deontology the good guy always should
win, having morals win. Deontologists believe that everything happens for a reason and
that’s the side I choose to be apart of.
I think we should all want to live in a world where we make our choices morally,
where we try to do what’s best for more than just ourselves, and look out for the good of
our people. Choosing Deontology would be to choose the less selfish act, the less evil.
How could anyone live with killing someone if it gave them a good outcome? That’s not
right, that’s murder, and it’s inhumane.
In the reading, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula Le Guin,
consequentalism is defined. Omelas is like a village filled with happy people, literally the
always happy kind of people.
They live stress free lives, and they don’t worry about a thing. They do all the
drugs they want and just consistently wake...


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