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Task 1 (LO1) Risk Analysis 4
Task 2 (LO2) Stakeholder Assessment * See Appendix 2....................................
Task 3 Addressing Issues in construction.................................................................7
Appendix 1: Risk Assessment 11
Appendix 2: Stake holder Analysis 18
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Tribune and Partners Construct is a construction consultancy firm, which offers expertise in project planning and project management.
Tribune has commissioned the building of a housing development next to Ricoh Arena in Coventry. This report aims to outline the risks associated with this project and analyse the stakeholders involved. The report will also identify 3 issues currently affecting the construction industry and identify how construction managers can mitigate their effects.
09 January 2017
3 Kingfisher Street
Brampton, Coventry
Report on the project risk and analysis
Unexploded Ordnance
Coventry was heavily bombed during the Second World War and so the risk of discovering unexploded bombs is rather high for all types of construction. The majority of bombs are discovered while digging foundations. Once found, a military response is triggered and neighbouring buildings and streets are evacuated. Safety cordons are put in place depending on the site conditions and the nature of the bomb itself. This will inevitably lead to the delays in construction and increased costs, potentially resulting in the frustration and demotivation of workers and supervisors as well as negative feedback from the surrounding communities and stakeholders at large.
It is the duty of the construction manger to ensure that an initial site investigation, risk assessment and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) risk assessment is undertaken. An emergency response plan should be included in the Health and Safety plan of the proposed works and should be communicated to the workforce at the operational level. A line of communication to the site staff is imperative. The surrounding environment includes a school, shopping center, houses, Ricoh Arena etc. so its important that warning signs are made visible and that the public is made aware of the potential dangers.
Health and Safety
Health and Safety is another major risk in the construction industry. Accident fatalities are higher in construction then any other sector with an estimated
74 thousand total cases and 31 thousand new cases of work related ill health (LFS, 2012) and 39 fatal work injuries between 2014-2015. The delay and increased costs incurred from compensation fees, legal documents etc. poses a big financial risk to the project. It’s important to
It is imperative that the construction manager conveys the importance of health and safety to the workers of a site, visitors, anyone who comes near the proximity of the development. Risk assessments need to be completed and the health and safety policies need to be followed. This will help protect the workers f...


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