Consulting Proposal Young Change Agents Liberty University/Bmal 504 Research Paper

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Consulting Proposal #2: Young Change Agents
Liberty University
BMAL 504-B01 – Leading Organizational Change
Consulting Proposal #2: Young Change Agents
Defining the Problem:
Amy Middelburg and James Shaw were brought on to support PwC’s partnership with AIESEC, a company they were recruited from. Presenting issues were different at both companies. The budget was smaller at their former company along with the former positions held were leadership roles. At PwC the duo are almost at the bottom, in a larger organization, and are facing issues with bureaucracy. Coming in, Middelburg and Shaw were concerned about company image and contemplating the differences they wanted to make from a global aspect through environmental consciousness. They explored the vision and values of PwC and were not satisfied about the results of the research conducted. The young team resolved to propose to Keith Bell, PwC supervisor, some very bold changes for the organization to consider. They believed that it would be good for the company to move from just being profit driven to having concern about relationships with the environment, business partners, clients, and the public (Jick & Peiperl, 2011). There is an obvious dilemma presented. There are great risks and rewards to their proposal that upper management senses early. As a result of their aversion to risk and balance wrought from normal routines reluctance is high regarding concrete implementation plans. Upper management has to wrestle with the reluctant idea of allowing new minds to lead such a magnanimous change and the possible consequences versus continuing business as usual. Middelburg and Shaw were motivated by skills that they learned about corporate responsibility at AIESEC. The main idea that everything else centered around was sustainability. The team’s plan was threefold: economic, social, and environmental. The proposal gained the support of supervisor Bell. The proposal was forwarded to top management and eventually other key people inside and outside of the firm.
Diagnosis of Current Situation:
The chief concern about fostering radical change is if the change being considered is realizable and going to lead to early measurable wins or successful battles. If the change is slow and stalling it could lead to drastic profit losses and setbacks. The organization’s morale can be hit hard and the confidence and esteem can be negatively impacted. Implementing the change that the young team envisions is furthermore a challenge because the company would be taking on great responsibility and relying on others to maintain the new image that this young team proposes. Others involved in the company or have interest in it will take on a greater role, including stakeholders, partners, staff, clients, and suppliers as well as the wider community. The rationale is that...

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