Consumer Woe/ Personal Argument - ENGLISH COMPOSITION 101 - Essay

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Joshua D. Lyman
Mr. Eugene Cuevas
22 April 2018
English Composition 1
Essay #5- Consumer Woe / Personal Argument Essay
Going to a foreign land, leaving behind the world you know and experiencing a whole
new place, for a short stretch of time, for me, was always mystifying and the most intriguing part
of my childhood. I fly about once or twice a year for vacation or any type of family gathering. I
wish I were part of a frequent flyers program, but I cannot afford to pay for the enrollment or the
ticket for that matter because my parents take care of it for me. It was the last summer I had
before going to high school, and my parents booked me a ticket to visit my uncle’s family in
India. I love traveling and I would like to make some kind of career out of it someday, but there
will always be a few comforts in particular that I will always try to look for, while traveling. My
parents looked for the most reasonable flight for me to board on. I owe a great deal to my them
for trying to make me happy and I sometimes even having to tone down my disinterest for them
too, but some things I can never handle is incivility and disorganization. My parents booked a
ticket on Air India as that airline also offered a direct flight to my final destination. They didn’t
think to look it up and see that it was the third worst ranked performing airline in the world. I
feel conflicted on bashing this airline, but then I thought to myself, a company is a company and
the name of it should not be an example of its quality. I have, well my parents have, paid so
much for a satisfying experience, and you would expect some standard quality of service. Having
travelled many times, I can say that Air India has been the worst airline I have ever flown on and
would advise all not to take this airline.
Overall, my experience of Air India was very disappointing. Before booking the flight, I
should have looked for the reviews of the airline online first. I went later on to watch so many
videos on people’s dissatisfaction of their trip, issues regarding overbooking and nonchalant staff
members, not giving them a proper explanation for all the chaos happening around them.
Anyways, we booked the flight in advance and chose a non- vegetarian meal. So, the day finally
come and I had finished my exams early, and was relaxed. We did our check in and started
boarding onto the airplane. Of course, the first thing was trying to settle down in my lumpy seat,
which was half broken. I asked to be switched, but they were fully booked. Bef...

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