Contemporary Issues In HR Service Delivery - Coventry University - Assignment

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Bachelor Of Arts With Honors In Business and Marketing
Module: Contemporary Issues in HR Service Delivery
Individual Assignment
Name: Huynh Ngoc Ngan
Student ID: G1406137T
Date of Submission: 1st June 2018
Table of Contents
Executive Summary 4
1. Introduction 5
2. Organizational structure of Apple 6
3. Human Resource Service Delivery 7
4. Traditional Hr structure 9
5 David Ulrich 3 legged 10
6 Apple human resource service delivery 11
7. Factors that shape the Hr service delivery 12
7.1 Coperate culture and leadership style 12
7.2 Organization structure 12
7.3 Organization size 13
7.4 Industry 14
8. Challenge and Recommendation 15
9. Conclusion 16
Bibliography 17
Executive Summary
This academic paper discuss about the role and change of Hr services delivery Apple Inc. Company. There are three elements that make the transformational of the company organizational structure will be discuss lately on the main body of the report. First of all, it will be the introductions of the Apple Company about there are product and services provided and also the company organizational structure. Secondly, explain both pros and cons of the traditional Hr service delivery model and Ulrich three-legged model. Next, the paper will shows the challenges that apple has faced with provided the solution for that issues will be mentioned.
1. Introduction
Apple is a globalization company based on California on Aril 1st 1976, the company is one of the best company for manufacturing, design computer software and electronic divides and also online computer services. The company widely recognize by hardware product such as IPod, Ipad and IPhone etc., besides Mac OS X operational software and ITunes media player that represent image of music, computing and phone industry.
The company has around 42,800 employees over the world, the company generated a total of 233.7 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2017 while Iphone became the company most prfitable segmentation. Apple Inc was recognized as an innovation company with unique and utilitarian design that help keep the current customer to repate purchase and attract new customer as well. The company become the largest company interm of technology and information. Besides, Apple also a market leader in the consumer phone manufacture industry.
2. Organizational structure of Apple
For those high tech company like Apple, Google they need to be both flexible and adaptable to the competititor and market place especially while the competitor such as Facebook, Samsung, etc lauching new product or innovation. Besides, the organization also need to create a chance for the employees collaboration, create value and achieve the company goals and objective.
Organizational structure playing an important role for the company to success or faliure in the market environment. it must to be organize correctly to match the company objective. By understanding company organization structure will explain the relationship of organization struct...

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