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Contemporary Weaving in Interior Design
Human beings are a unique species as they embrace warmth and sophistication more so in their homes. Interior design, therefore, meets these needs by assessing an individual's aesthetic and creating a home, office or environment that defines the same. Thus said, interior design is the process of employing skill and creativity to arrange structures that look appealing to people cohesively. This process is hence incomplete without the incorporation of textiles as spaces require different textures and materials of fabric to be complete. Learning and researching how to incorporate textiles with interior design will significantly enhance a designer’s ability to arrange the space to achieve a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. Thus, this paper will focus on contemporary weaving in textiles and how the same full interior designs.
Before evaluating the contemporary weaving used in the design, one must understand the role of textiles in interior design. Textiles have continuously played an indispensable role in interior design as such things as rugs, curtains and upholstery fabrics are made from textiles. For example, curtains serve as illuminating aspects as they often allow light into rooms while mats separate spaces within rooms. Similarly, rugs ensure warmth on the floor while other fabrics such as upholstery reflect an individual's persona. As mentioned earlier, interior design is the process of creating cohesiveness through the incorporation of different materials of different textures and sizes as shown in figure 1 and 2. Figure 2
Figure 1
Different colors and textures of fabrics are hence required for the success of the procedure. Designers are therefore tasked with the burden of identifying the appropriate textile materials that should be used for specific locations. For example, an office is expected to have translucent curtains that allow illumination which offering some desired privacy while on the other hand, theatres require anti-flammable materials. Due to the availability of information regarding whether certain elements have been analyzed for fireproofing and durability, interior designers are thus mandated to conduct comprehensive research before making final decisions on a textile material.
Similarly, the textile color has been proven to make a significant impact on the overall appearance of the designs hence designers should be keen to find colors that blend well together and those that fit the client's aesthetics. Additionally, identifying the location of the specific color incorporation is essential as indoor rooms such as the bedroom should contain textiles that offer comfort, tranquility, and warmth while that of the kitchen may depict nature and cleanliness as in figure 3. Figure 3
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