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Mick v Yummy Chocolate
Mick’s case is dependent on whether he was in contract with Yummy Chocolate corporation or not and whether Yummy Chocolate have breached that contract. If there is no contract the second issue of breach does not arise. It can be argued that the offer was merely an invitation to treat. In Partridge v. Crittenden [1968]1, the plaintiff placed an ad in Cage and Aviary Birds which stated "Bramblefinch cocks and hens, 25s each". He was convicted of the offence of offering for sale a live wild bird. His conviction was quashed on appeal, where the court held that advertisements were merely invitations to treat so that he could not have committed the offence of "offering for sale". However, this was not the case in Mick v Yummy Chocolate, it is suggested that because the offer itself manifest an intention to be bound by it, then the advert constituted an offer not a mere invitation to treat. In the case of Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. [1892]2 where the offeror displayed an advertisement saying that £100 would be paid to anyone who could, use their smoke ball product for 2 weeks and then contract influenza. The offer stated that £1000 had been deposited in a bank, and the address of that bank was given. Mrs. Carlill followed the instructions and contracted influenza but the Carbolic Smoke Ball company refused to pay. The Court of Appeal held that an advertisement can constitute a unilateral contract, which can be accepted by fulfilling the conditions of the contract; where no formal acceptance required. Similarly, in the case of Mick v Yummy Chocolate, the advert had a character of an offer in which demonstrated sufficient certainty. Moreover, despite the fact that it was made to the world “unilaterally” it was targeted to a much smaller group of people. In other words, it was targeted to a certain age group; the ones who are physically fit and capable of walking that distance.
The second issue is whether Mick accepted the offer. It is a general rule that in order for an offer to be binding, communication of acceptance must occur, however, this is not the case in unilateral contracts. In unilateral contracts, acceptance comes in a form of commencing an offer’s conditions and does not need to be communicated this was shown in Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Company [1892]. In Harris v Nickerson [1893]3, the defendant advertised that an auction of certain goods would take place at a stated time and place. The plaintiff travelled to the auction only to find that items had been withdrawn. He claimed compensation for breach of contract, arguing that the advertisement constituted an offer, and his travelling to the auction, an acceptance by conduct. The court held that the advertisement was not an offer but merely an invitation to treat and the contract is not about the time and effort spent in doing an offer but rather the performance its conditions. Therefore, it could be argued that Mick’s acceptance of the offer was ...


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1668 words - 7 pages Contract Law: Seminar 1 October 25- 2018 Henthorn v Fraser [1892] 2 Ch 27 (i) What are the relevant facts of the case?
 An offer was sent by post from the secretary requesting acceptance of $750 pounds for the property within 14 days.
 The offer was withdrawn the following day by way of mail, before postal acceptance was received; however the acceptance had already been posted by his Solicitor the same day at 3:50pm as withdrawal was sent

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1949 words - 8 pages Free Co-ownership problem question In December 2000, Burton, Henry and Lester purchased Number 7, Clarendon Park Lane, Leicester, where they all lived with Lester’s daughter Alison. Burton provided 90 per cent of the purchase price and Henry and Lester each provided 5 per cent. The house was conveyed to the three of them as “as joint tenants in law and equity”. Last Tuesday evening, a heated argument broke out over whose turn it was to wash the

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1880 words - 8 pages , it would need to be established that benedetta was holding the property on trust for Teresa and herself. For Teresa to establish her beneficial interest she could claim using a common intention constructive trust[footnoteRef:1]. Benedetta saying to Teresa that she would always have a roof over her head could possibly be argued to constitute an express agreement however this claim is unlikely to be successful as the courts have taken a more

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474 words - 2 pages presumptions. Rebuttable? · What is parental responsibility and who in this case has parental responsibility? · Obtaining parental responsibility as a step- parent (civil partnership with the birth mother) or as the father? Parental responsibility order, parental responsibility agreement and residence order? · Explain and apply the law in the above scenario (PS. Remember advising Salman) 2. and 3. Section 8 Orders; Child Arrangement Order, Specific Issue

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2316 words - 10 pages – common law when necessary for that type of contract · such terms are generally implied into that type of contract e.g. landlord and tenant agreement · Liverpool City Council v Irwin [1976] · Lease of a tower of flats with many problems such as lifts, rubbish chutes and lighting · Courts implied into landlord and tenant contract a duty to maintain the property’s common areas. · Also applies to employment contracts – e.g. “duty of mutual trust and

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3316 words - 14 pages notion of ?good faith? that has been practiced around the world in other simular legal systems.Australian courts historically, would generally not interfere with the contracts content as it adopted a view that what was written in the contract, is what the contract meant. The problem arose with this style of assessment, that it created an unequal bargaining power whereby the stronger parties was able to exploit the ?loop holes? in the current law

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1953 words - 8 pages Zac’s agreement is contractually enforceable or whether a contract only arises on entry into the anticipated final form of agreement. The Law: Masters v Cameron[footnoteRef:9] sets out three distinct categories relating to heads of agreement. Firstly, where the parties have reached finality with all the terms of their bargain and intend to be immediately bound to the performance of its terms, the preliminary agreement is enforceable.[footnoteRef

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1893 words - 8 pages Law Admission Test (LAT) Sample Paper 2018 Australian Council for Educational Research Copyright © Australian Council for Educational Research Ltd (ABN: 19 004 398 145) 2018. All rights reserved. Individuals may make one copy for their own non-commercial, personal use for the purpose of that individual’s preparation for the LAT. 2 NOTES: You have a total of 2 hours to complete this test, with no specified word length. However, the emphasis is on

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1225 words - 5 pages TENANT_______________________________ ADDRESS______________________________ TENANT ________________________________ PHONE________________________________ PHONE_________________________________ © 2000- 2014 By The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc. ™ THIS IS A LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT. IF NOT UNDERSTOOD, CONSULT AN ATTORNEY. Basic Rental Agreement Form Tips: When filling out your LPA form, please take note of the

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2253 words - 10 pages person who has a lawful right to be in the premises (implied permission).[footnoteRef:1] A trespasser is a person who goes on the land without an invitation (presence is unknown to the occupier or object to).[footnoteRef:2] [1: John Coke, Law of Tort, 13th edn published 2017, Pearson Education Limited, p. 244] [2: Ibid. p. 252] A premise is defined as ‘any fixed or moveable structure, including any vessel, vehicle or aircraft’.[footnoteRef:3

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991 words - 4 pages Sadman sakib Eng 102 Paper 1 Professor Cadman Section The Problem of Human Consumption The author of the essay “The Problem of Human Consumption’ Steve Almond focuses on a grieving widowed father with the task raising his only daughter after the death of his wife maybe from cancer as its mentioned in the essay her hair fell off which is normally a direct result of chemo . The particular day that the story focuses on bringing out the emotions of

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776 words - 4 pages Hello, As you know my name is ****. My topic for the law seminar is Piracy. Piracy is the unauthorized duplication and distribution of copyright-protected items. These items can be Music, Software, Games, and printed works. I will talk about the penalties of piracy, the way it effects the economy. Now the 2 main questions.(Show the Over Head)Maybe you have downloaded a song from the Internet lately. And perhaps that song that you downloaded was

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1801 words - 8 pages Question 1 a) DA + DB = AD I used the following two equations when calculating the aggregate demand for each of the consumer groups: ADA = 20,000,000(5-0.2p) ADB = 20,000,000(6-0.3p) The two consumer groups overlapped between the boundary 0 to 20 therefore from 20 to 25, I used the aggregate demand equation for consumer A and as a result the 2 equations I used to calculate the total aggregate demand were: ADT = 20,000,000(11-0.5p) 0 ≤ p ≤ 20

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752 words - 4 pages would most definitely weaken the mafias grip on organized crime. Rules of conduct are also established when Mark is treated differently (i.e. his mother or other guardian must be present when he is question) since he is under the age of 18. The rule of law is clearly applied in this movie whether it’s being ignored or followed. Mark realizes that even though the legal system has not treated him nicely in the past he needs the law on the side ensure