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Contrast Essay On Internet Shopping

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Type, Click, Done. Internet shopping is one of the most convenient developments of the century; however, it's not always the best way to shop. A positive effect, such as comparing items at different stores online is incredibly simple and proficient. It is also a plus to be able to shop at any given time. The downside on the other hand, is that the quality might not be what you had expected, which gives you the hassle of returning your unsatisfying product through the post office.For all the bargain shoppers out there, e-commerce web sites such as the renowned are a great tool. The ability to use the click of the mouse, instead of your foot on the gas to compare similar items at different stores is a great ...view middle of the document...

Even if you're not the one with the coupon dilemma, you could be behind someone who is. When shopping online, there are no lines, price checks, or incompetent cashiers.Another great thing with online shopping is that it doesn't matter if it's 3am - while in your pj's; or if you're in the tub with a laptop beside you. You won't have to be bothered with stores closing early on Sundays, or not being able to shop as early in the morning as you might like. In some cases the nearest Wal-Mart may be miles beyond miles away. This is another instance where going to is the better alternative.Sad to say, everything in this world is not perfect. The downside with online shopping resides in quality issues. Images can't indicate what a product actually is. The only way to know exactly what you're getting is if you have seen the same item in-store, and then found it online. Without the ability to touch the product, you can't be sure if it's sturdy enough to your liking. I have ordered a case of drinks that came in glass bottles. When I opened the box I was surprised to see a few of the bottles broken, even with all the extra packaging inside. You can never be sure what shape your items will arrive in, but most websites will refund your order right away with an added extra, but not all of us have 5-7 business days to wait.Online shopping is a convenience, comfort, and a great money saver. The good out weighs the bad hands down in this debate. If expensive overnight shipping is out of the question, then department stores are usually a fine choice, but for the most part you can save the trip with a point and click.

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