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The Great barrier reef is the world's biggest community of living organisms , but in recent study by Trevor Nace he states “ Half of the great barrier reef has been died since 2016, over 16,000 miles of coral has been proclaimed died since the beginning of 2016”.Recently the great barrier reef has been pronounced dead by marine biologist around the world,The reason i'm talking to you all today about the great barrier reef is because of coral bleaching that has plagued this world and the effects coral bleaching has on the ocean and the world.As an inspired marine biologist i take this phonomanoe to heart because of the role coral has in the ocean and the ecosystems around them.So today I will share to you all my side of coral bleaching, the pros and cons of coral, and how we can save the future of coral all around the world.
The coral that hold in my hand is a victim of bleaching.Many of you are puzzled by the word bleaching well the bleaching of coral is the same as killing off coral and the loss of color.Most people think is coral is made up of rocks well the truth is coral is a marine invertebrate in the anthozoa class of the phylum Cnidaria in easier terms its related to sea sponges. The course of bleaching of coral is to pollute the ocean, most of you remember the speech i gave before about pollution well i ties into my speech to you now.The coral reefs are an important role in the ocean they provide o2 to the surface and protects the mainland from ocean storms and strong currents,the coral itself is a marine creature that provides a safe haven for smaller fish and others. In an article provided by NOAA states the process of coral bleaching (in 2005 ,the US lost half of its coral reefs in the Caribbean in one year due to a massive bleaching event.).One factor in coral bleaching is warmer waters and the cause of warmer waters is pollution.With over 3 million species of coral none are safe from the warming of the ocean in an article by Mark D. Spalding claims ( the warmer water exhibit a symbiotic relationship with single celled algae from which they derive much of their nutrition.Th...


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