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Melissa Preston 2
Melissa Preston
Writing Project 3: Annotated Bibliography
Final Draft
Cover Letter
Professor Watson,
My primary purpose for writing my draft was for my peers to understand how important it is for students to be motivated by peers and teachers alike in order to be interested in getting the grades they deserve. I was unable to reflect on any peer revisions because there was only one peer to respond to my draft and I was not able to open up his document. Although, I was able to receive your feedback and I used it to better my citations. Your feedback helped my essay by citing my annotations correctly. I decided to revise a couple word choices in order to better my punctuation. I encountered a couple problems while writing my draft. At first, I didn’t understand the process of the annotated bibliographies or how to cite the annotations in APA format. I resolved these issues by looking up examples of annotated bibliographies and how they should be written. In order to revise my APA citations, I used a website in order to show me examples of how to correctly format my citations in APA format. As a result of composing this project, it has taught me how to write an annotated bibliography and how to format my APA citations the correct ways. I also noted that I didn’t have my topic exploration statement and made sure that this was a revision I made sure to add in.
Research Rationale
In my essay I researched how effective teacher and student positive relations affect the motivation of the student to do good in class. This relates to my core reading by expressing how students can drift off in class very easily if they don’t have the motivation to pay attention in class. My research questions were relevant to this essay because it is important to understand that motivation is a determining factor in grades that a student has received for themselves. I hope to discover important facts about motivation for students and the affect of teacher and student relationships. How do teacher’s attitudes and voice tones affect the student’s motivation? Is there certain things we can do in order to raise a student’s motivation in class? Does motivation really affect a student’s grades?
Topic Exploration Statement
In the accompanying articles, studies demonstrate that motivation assumes an essential part in the scholarly achievement of students all through schools. It has been recognized that students with low confidence, absence of inspiration, and negative atmosphere inside the classroom are known to negatively affect student accomplishments. “Physical education is about education through the physical. It is known that appropriate practice improves skill, and that increased activity can improve fitness” (Martin, Kulinna, & Cothran, 2002). It has been proposed utilizing different sorts of PC programs, physical action, motivational platform sheets, and the advancing of positive evaluation where there is no correlation of student accomplishment among th...


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