Correlates Of Funct Adolescents With Charcot Marie Tooth Disease Genomics Research Paper

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“Correlates of Functional Ankle Instability in Children and Adolescents with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease”
Charcot Marie-Tooth Disease is defined as genetically inherited neurological disease that is depicted by the slowly advanced degeneration of the bodies muscles in the foot, lower legs, hands, and forearm. Symptoms of this disease begin to flare up around adolescence and early adulthood years of an individual. Such patients with Charcot Marie-Tooth Disease also experience mild loss of sensation in their lower extremities, upper extremities, fingers, and their toes. The first sign that an individual has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) is having high arched feet or having walking challenges. Other symptoms of this disease include many foot-bone abnormalities like having hammertoes, difficulties with hand functions, balance, muscle cramps in the lower arms and legs. Also deterioration of sight and hearing takes place, as well as the loss of some normal reflexes. Also in some patient scoliosis, the abnormal curvature of the spine is located.
There are two classifications of Marie-Tooth Disease based on where the dysfunction takes place in the peripheral nerves. The first type is when the peripheral nerves’ axons, which are the part of the nerve cells that moves electrical signals. And in type one of the Charcot Marie-Tooth disease, these axons tend to lose their shell of protective covering called the Myelin sheath, which is a cause of disruption to many axon functions. On the other hand in type two that is less common, is a defect in the axons causing the axon functions to disappear.
Previous studies have analyzed the association between Functional ankle instability (FAI) and CMT. The foot and ankles appearances of the children with CMT were studied and it was found that 72 percent of the children were reported to have Functional Ankle Instability. FAI is a type of chronic ankle instability that’s often caused by ankle sprains. It is diagnosed when patients dictate that their ankle is weaker, less functional, painful, and unstable after an injury. FAI prevents individuals from recovering back the there usual state. Most of the time FAI and greater disabilities are caused by previously existing issues of Charcot Marie-Tooth Disease such as foot deformities, foot and ankle muscle weakness, imbalance, and sensory loss.
The goal of this study was to find an association between Functional Ankle Instability and different functional, structural, anthropometric (height, weight, body mass index) and demographic (age) characteristic in individuals in their childhood and adolescent years with Charcot Marie-To...


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