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Running head: SHORT WRITING ASSIGMENT 2Corruption In ArgentinaJames C. ThomasUniversity of Southern MississippiCorruption In ArgentinaArgentina is a temperate land populated by a great amount of diverse citizens who comprise a delectable multicultural filled society with substantial European influences from its literature, to music, to its architecture. Argentina classifies as the third largest in total population amongst South American countries, with a density of about 15 persons per square kilometer, which equates to about 4 to 5 city blocks (, 2014). The greater part of Argentina is vastly urbanized, with a significant amount of its population living in cities. T ...view middle of the document...

Bolivia ranked the highest with a 27.9% bribery rate, while Chile ranked the lowest 1.7% rate, as for Argentina; it also accounted for an extensive portion of the survey accumulating 15.0% of its respondents (Seligson, 2006). Even before the results to the survey were posted, it's more than reliable to realize that such demands from a law enforcement official would create an unsettling distrust between themselves and the general public. According to Chapter 8 of the "Police Methods and Organization" textbook, police corruption is defined as "officers who accept money/goods for ignoring acts they are sworn to invoke legal procedures against": (Lundman, 2009, p.210). In some cases it can be difficult to distinguish a genuine gift from gratuities or a bribe. However, in cases concerning the Argentinian police it's more than obvious that officials are not only accepting bribes but proposing them as well, in agreement to subvert criminal activity.Bribes are not the only issues surrounding the Argentina police, in fact Argentina federal police has received much criticism in years past for their handling of prisoners and suspects. According to the British Broadcasting Network, there has been much speculation based on supporting evidence that the Buenos Aires provincial police force has engaged and corresponded with gangs in the surrounding Buenos Aires region of the country (Schweimler, 2006). As a result of the widespread corruption, authorities in Argentina have purged the country's most significant police force of hundreds of officers in attempt to restore its trust and image amongst their citizens. In January 1997, an incinerated body was found in a sand pit off the Atlantic coast of Argentina. An initial coroner's report revealed the body had been charred, beaten, and overcome with multiple lacerations to the head. The body was later was identified as Jose Luis Cabezas, a reporter from Buenos Aires Magazine. The photographer/reporter had participated in several projects that had exposed a trend of robberies and assaults connected to several members of the Buenos Aires police force (Rossi, 2008). The article revealed the agency as a corrupt and distrusting organization with its implications of criminal partnership. It was later revealed after much investigation that Buenos Aires authorities had authorized the execution of Cabezas for his me...


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