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Guilt and shame can tear a person's soul away. The inevitable consequence of sin is the immediate reaction of guilt, shame, and remorse. In each of the two works, The Crucible by Arthur Miller and The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, there are characters who have committed a sin and feel guilty about it. For example: John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Reverend Dimmesdale have all committed a sin or sins and are feeling extremely guilty and remorseful about it. They are wanting to be forgiven, but they have no strength and are cowards. Forgiveness can be obtained if these characters find the strength within themselves to speak the truth.The first to commit a sin is John Proctor, ...view middle of the document...

She is a mother and ,of course, Elizabeth will be consumed with taking care of their children, cooking, cleaning, etc. At first, Elizabeth does not realize John pulling away from her and turning towards Abigail. Soon after Elizabeth finds out John committed adultery with Abby, she fires her. Later on in the novel Elizabeth is accused of being a witch and John goes to court to prove Abigail is lying. When John does try to prove Abigail is lying, he ends up confessing that he committed adultery with Abigail. Then the judges bring in Elizabeth to tell the truth whether John had an affair or not. When she was asked if John committed adultery she replies, "No, sir" (Miller 1237). As soon as she replied John yells, "I have confessed it!" (Miller 1237). Elizabeth gasps and feels horrible because she has lied even though she knew the truth.But Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale has also felt the burden of knowing the truth and not being unable to speak of it. He secretly has a love affair with Hester Prynne and when she is displayed in the marketplace, Dimmesdale has a chance to speak out the truth, but he does not. Instead he speaks to Hester, "..I charge thee to speak out the name of thy fellow-sinner and fellow sufferer!"(Hawthorne 73). It is hypocritical of Arthur to tell Hester to speak ...


Guilt Trip: The Tale-Tell Heart - Cisco College and 1302 english - Element of a story

626 words - 3 pages Young 2 Guilt Trip When reading Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” our narrator is motived to execute an elderly man with an unusual eye. The old man’s physical disabilities “would fancy him mad” (Poe 37), thus leading our narrator to become a cold-blooded killer. However, it wasn’t the death of the old man that would be our narrators undoing, it was his anxiety and the sound of a subtle heartbeat that would unfold everything. In the story

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760 words - 4 pages Chekov, we learn of a love story that is predominately about hope and compassion through the evolution of Gurov, the masculine main character. On the other side of the coin, the story by Oates tells the same love story from the perspective of Anna, the female main character. Instead of hope and compassion, feelings of guilt and shame are felt. The contrast in gender is essential when comparing the two stories because it gives the reader insight on

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1037 words - 5 pages Free . The blood acts as a reminder that he killed his king. He knows that this guilt will carry with him everywhere. This is demonstrated when he says that the sea would not wash the blood away, and would rather be tainted by the blood. On the other hand, Lady Macbeth is very dismissive about the blood and the guilt of this act. This is seen when she mocks Macbeth about his manliness. Lady Macbeth “My hands are of your colour, but I shame/ To wear a

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717 words - 3 pages 2 “You are free to choose, but you are not free to alter the consequences of your decisions.” ― Ezra Benson. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlet Letter, the struggle to take off the weights of the past is an important theme throughout the novel. Two of the main characters, Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale, both stagger under the heavy guilt and shame brought upon them by society and by themselves due to having committed adultery

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1726 words - 7 pages decides to meet with Arthur and there ensues a very touching discussion between the two on past happenings, where for the first time they empty their hearts out to one another. Deciding that they have lived in shame, guilt and fear for too long they plan to leave by the earliest boat for Europe to start a new life there. For the only time in the story Hester discards the scarlet letter on her chest and Arthur is freed of his old woes.After he delivered

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555 words - 3 pages eighteen shots of liquid sinThe Eighteenth Shot of Liquid SinThe minutes pass by, the water falls, from bloodshot vacant eyes,my heart is torn with pain and fear, the anger starts to rise.The eighteenth shot of liquid sin can't help me to forget,the guilt and shame I feel each day, fueled by my regrets.I made a sacred promise, to God for my life and I, a promise which was broken when I saw my baby die.The demon in the bottle once again posessed

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601 words - 3 pages in Henry's evolution. As Jim approached his final moments, Henry cried out "I'll take care of yeh, Jim! I'll take care of yeh! I swear t' Gawd I will". He replied with a somber "I was allus a good friend t'yeh, wa'nt I, Henry"? (Crane 58-59) Jim's death causes Henry to realize the grim truth that the universe is indifferent to him and how insignificant his life really is. Henry's shame and guilt comes to fruition when the tattered soldier

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522 words - 3 pages Prynne, you might be able to see just how difficult it might be to be ostracized by your town and you had to wear a scarlet letter your entire life there. If you connected with Dimmesdale you may begin to see how it feels to be the target for revenge and having to feel great guilt and shame for something you did. Finally if you connected with Chillingworth you would get an idea of how evil someone can be and how they show no remorse because they

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1840 words - 8 pages what it is like to live in a alcoholic's home, the side effects, and how to cope with the problem there will be evidence to see how the disease negatively affects the children.Children will record their parent's actions at their worst. When Mom and Dad are most out of control, they are the most threatening to the child's survival. The child's survival alarm registers these behaviours the most deeply creating shame. Any subsequent shame experience

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1123 words - 5 pages Free Catherine Carwile-Ridnour Ms. Dunbar Honors 10 English 1 March 2018 Beneath ambition characteristics are demolished Without all the words about guilt and conscience, the famous play Macbeth would be one long killing spree; with Shakespeare’s famous lines about the theme of guilt, the noble Macbeth and ruthless Lady Macbeth become fascinating and flawed human beings in a tale of ambition, murder, love and death. The returning hero Macbeth and his

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1485 words - 6 pages for sexual harassment, which she had also experienced. Melissa declined out of fear for not being able to ever work in the film business ever again and kept quiet about everything that happened. Mayella’s case takes place in the 1930’s, whereas Melissa’s case came to light in 2017. The time period of both cases affects the outcome of the situation and because they didn’t speak out they both have to live with the consequences, guilt, and shame for

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589 words - 3 pages harm. Adult women who later relive these experiences often suffer guilt over their inability to have prevented the abuse or somehow limited its duration.The textbook states that women also are the victims in 93% of the reported cases of spousal abuse. The physical and psychological trauma of the abuse contributes to PTSD. The victims feel ashamed to be victims and that shame increases the psychic strain. The betrayal of trust inherent in abuse by

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1313 words - 6 pages shame to my family. What that man is doing to his own children is cruel and inhumane and there’s nothing I can do except pray for it to end and for that family to have at least a speck of joy in their house. As each term passes and gets closer to report time, I try to figure out something that I can do to help those children. Nevertheless, it seems that there are only momentary fixes to this situation. I believe that at one point in time, that

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1935 words - 8 pages which is a considered a sin and has also lead him to refrain from developing any new intimate relations due to his guilt. It is interesting to see how much guilt and shame are used as a tool of control within a cultural basis and is emphasized as a traditional way and once one steps outside of those cultural confides and restraints is pressured to return. In the vignette you can see that Jose has a deep love for his family and their traditions and

Hester's Attitude In The Scarlet Letter

983 words - 4 pages part, covering the first six chapters, Hester thinks of her action as a sin. In chapter four she tells her husband that it was her fault for committing adultery when she says, 'I have greatly wronged thee' (79). In chapter six Hawthorne writes that Hester knows 'her deed had been evil' (92). This evil deed, in Hester's eyes, causes Pearl to act sinful, so Hester feels overwhelming guilt. At this point Hester feels that her actions were evil and