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The article discusses about features of the German cost accounting system and ways that company running it can exploit its capabilities. Cost accounting in Germany is different compared to that in the US, and software systems are one of the key differences The German software company, SAP, has designed a complex software system that is on its way to becoming a world standard in business software. This system is based on German cost accounting philosophy. Managerial accounting has taken a very different path in Germany than it has in the US. From the beginning, it was separated from financial accounting and organized as a stand-alone system. Although much of its data is pulled from financ ...view middle of the document...

Focusing on the practical needs of companies, Cooper and Kaplan developed the ABC method of accounting. The undiminished importances of market and customer needs are the reason for new instruments, such as customer lifetime value (CLV) or target costing. Despite all of this progress and significant changes in the competitive environment, cost accounting in Germany has not changed significantly. One empirical study found that the most important change concerning the managerial accounting system for 30 of Germany¡¦s 50 largest companies was a change in the IT platform. The cost accountants decided to broaden the spectrum of the information presented to management but not to change system philosophy or to simplify the way in which information is provided.Cost Accounting systems and the internal customer, both external and internal customers have become the focus of management attention, through such concepts as business systems reengineering and TQM. Internal customers, however, have experienced some neglect and news of this development has seemingly failed to reach the cost accountants. Most executive management has no special expertise in managerial accounting but uses financial data on a daily basis. Brooding over cost figures on a spreadsheet is not a valuable investment of executive management¡¦s time or resources. Cost accountants in organizations using SAP means that they must be aware of new priorities. They should determine how much the managers at their companies understand about the use and interpretation of cost management information. For most accountants, this is a new responsibility. An empirical study on mid-sized companies found that: (1) The more knowledgeable executives are about cost accounting, the higher they rate the quality of their cost accounting, the higher they rate the quality of their cost accounting system. The quality of the underlying data has a similarly strong posit...


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3181 words - 13 pages China as well. These operating entities have their own Finance and Accounting Systems that provides input that is consolidated at its corporate headquarters in San Jose. There are 12 basic components of the Finance and accounting systems they are: General ledger, Accounts payable, Account receivable, Order entry, Procurement, Sales and Purchasing history, Invoicing and Shipping, Payroll, EDI, Bar code reading EDSS (Executive Decision Support Systems

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3402 words - 14 pages Application will not be converted and requires ongoing translation to SAP values Mixture Specify: Other Specify: Conversion of customer number from Legacy to SAP. Business Team will be responsible for one time update. team is responsible for providing full file of all partner types and the SAP customer with reference to legacy customer number. Legacy Application Decommission None There are

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9915 words - 40 pages Management control systems design within its organizational context: findings from contingency-based research and directions for the future Robert H. Chenhall Department of Accounting and Finance, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria 3168, Australia Abstract Contingency-based research has a long tradition in the study of management control systems (MCS). Researchers have attempted to explain the effectiveness of MCS by examining

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1489 words - 6 pages ). Accounting was used in the early civilizations who where engaged in trade and organized systems of government. The historians consider the primary reason for development of writing systems came from the need to record trade transactions. “Some of the earliest known writings discovered by archaeologists are accounts of ancient tax records on clay tablets from Egypt and Mesopotamia dating back as early as 3300 to 2000 BCE” (Bellis). Luca Pacioli, born in

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648 words - 3 pages quickly to the customers. As we mentioned before, the reports cannot give meaningful information from the data. They didn’t have system in place to gain visible performance when they have problems, they can get the useful information in times. They need to compare numbers of reports which is time-consuming. SAP builds a bridge between numerous data and useful information by bringing data to multiple systems into one report in real time. SAP object

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1269 words - 6 pages the waste of budget. As they have plan to expand their business, they should not waste their budget on unnecessary things. Therefore, they plan and use their budget effectively by Cost Leadership Strategy. 3. Two Years Goals and Proposed Strategies 3.1 Two Years Goals Goal 1: To open new Computerized Accounting Classes (MYOB) Goal 2: To move the training center to a better location with better technology facilities, wide space and more training

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2034 words - 9 pages strategic object services, or achieve differentiation, lower cost or ideally both. Different generic strategies to implement the company's resources and ability to put forward different demands, means that the organisational arrangements, control systems, innovation systems, corporate culture and leadership style differences and even conflict. Risk of "Stuck in the Middle" A company if fails to choose only one generic strategy, select more than

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5926 words - 24 pages ;rerna bojkottade Ikea. Den här reaktionen på deras självklara succé fick dem att börja designa våra egna möbler och detta blev grunden till vår framtida tillväxt. Främst skulle detta leda till utvecklad design och förbättrad funktion till lägre priser. En tidig Ikea-medarbetare fick sedan en verklig snilleblixt. Han beslöt att bordsbenen skulle vara lösa för att

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2839 words - 12 pages information, negotiation, and enforcement.Furubon, Eirik G and Rudolf Richer,1997Distinction compared by production cost is transaction costs is associated with making exchange or "indirect" production expenses, e.g. cost of management monitoring and administration, cost of research, marketing, accounting, maintenance and service of customers.2.2 Distinction in ideaThe distinction between transaction costs and production costs is crucial. It is

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1018 words - 5 pages Free began swinging wide open with the use of information technology leading to diversification in the field of accounting. Businesses commenced the search for professional accountants and their technological advice. Accountants became more knowledgeable about which financial systems operated best. An accountant's main role was to help businesses become more productive. Integrating the client's technologies properly with the accountant's systems made