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Could Holocaust Happen Again Essay

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There is a lot of talk about, could the massacre of the Jews (Holocaust) happen again. In today's society there is a lot more violence than back before the holocaust occurred. Today with the technology rapidly changing in the military forces I believe that there is little possibility that the holocaust will happen again but I greatly believe that there may be wars just not a massacre of one person or people because the way they look or the religion ...view middle of the document...

W.I and was in dept. for the reparations they had to pay to the other countries for there destruction. Therefore Germany was desperate to gain back power and was willing to do anything to rebuild there society. Also other countries avoided Hitler's run at the world because they just got out of one war and didn't want to go into another. When Hitler saw this happening he decided to use propaganda to change the minds of the Germans and to persuade them to think that the Jews had all the money and to go on a killing spree and take the money from the Jews, then wipe them out. The technology is also a big factor when it comes to the holocaust. Today we have much more technology than back when the holocaust was in a uproar. Today much more people have technology devices around there houses that keep them up to date such as a radio, television and even computer's (Internet).Therefor all or most military areas have satellites or even radar to determine what's going on around them or even around the world. With all these factors such as radar, satellites and even TV's and radios I greatly believe that it would be almost impossible for another holocaust to roar around with the whole world keeping an eye on one another.

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