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Good morning your honor and ladies and gentlemen of the jury. My name is Aaron Faullin and I will represent the defendant today. The defendant is not a constant problem in the home, in school, or in society. The defendant walked into Publix and stole an item. We as the defense realize this. The defendant realizes this as does ...view middle of the document...

This young man made a mistake. A mistake that he lives with everyday wishing he could change the fact that it took place. Since the incident the defendant has worked very hard raising grades and moving on with his life so he can reach his goals. Can you imagine the fear the defendant must've felt being arrested by the police? Even more, can you imagine the embarrassment he felt having handcuffs out on him in front of a grocery store? The worst of all is the fact that he felt so shameful and disgraced when his father came to pick him up from a police station. This young man has a bright future ahead of him and I don't feel, nor should you that his life should be put in turmoil for, with all due respect, a pencil. With a last closing thought jury, would you want to be punished extensively for something that costs fifteen cents? That's all your honor. Thank you


The 8th Amendment and court cases that support the amendment - Intro to Court - Research Paper

5756 words - 24 pages head ripped off. Finally, there is death by firing squad. When you are executed by a firing squad you are strapped to a chair with a target on you. Then men aim and fire at the target. Court Cases There are various court cases regarding the Eighth Amendment. The Eighth Amendment protects American citizen’s rights prohibiting excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment. What is cruel and unusual punishment? What is excessive bail? These

This essay is bassicaly about how the supreme courts rules in some cases. this is an honors essay

522 words - 3 pages Free The Bill of Rights have had, and still have many disagreements dealing with rights. TheSupreme Court has ruled in these types of cases. The Supreme Court has ruled in these types ofcases because the outcome of these cases are very important to the country's contribution. Also,the Bill of Rights affects all persons, such as citizens and non-citizens, which are aliens. The firstissue that will be discussed is the separation of Church and State

Research Proposal Same Sex Marriage By Julz Matheney This proposal deals with rights and the proposed Marriage Ammendment

266 words - 2 pages states have addressed the issue of such rights in court cases throughout the United States with varying outcomes.This research paper is concerned with the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. It will examine the Fourteenth Amendment and the equal protection clause. It will also examine previous court cases and the outcomes. It will further demonstrate possible economic concerns of legalized same sex

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2084 words - 9 pages Arizona he appealed to US SC ● Determined defendants 5th amendment was violated ● Supreme Court ○ Court of final appeal ○ Hear cases appealed from lower federal courts or directly from the highest state courts ○ Depends heavily on the lower courts being loyal agents ■ Command over subordinate courts ● Limits of Internal Control ○ Supreme Court does not hold the same power over subordinate courts as a CEO has over his employees ■ Due to life long terms

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362 words - 2 pages University of CebuSanciangko St., Cebu City, PhilippinesIn partial fulfillment in the subjectPolitical Science 6"Court Visit"Submitted to:Atty. Grace Isanor Giduquio- LaronaSubmitted by:Jean Bulac MarcosCourt VisitDate of court visit: February 10, 2014Courtroom visited: RoomJudge: Wilfredo A. DagatanOn Monday the 10th of February 2014, we, the Political Science 6 students attended a court hearing at Mandaue Palace of Justice at court _ which had

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530 words - 3 pages Free human beings”, according to the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice (1967, p. 31). With assembly-line justice, very few cases seen in court receive the individual treatment they require to be successfully resolved. An example of assembly-line justice in the modern court system would be the war on drugs, which has greatly increased in the caseload in the past few years. Consequently, judges feel pressured to move

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2460 words - 10 pages matter of only three trials that was only the span of one day they were all sentenced to death. In Alabama, the law is required the appointment of counsel in capital cases but of these men were not given counsel. (oyez). In result of this case these men were granted another trial. In the case of Barker v. Wingo an elderly couple was beaten to death by intruders. One of the intruders Manning had court first and was tried sixth times because his first

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2448 words - 10 pages ______ under President Adams. Secretary of state The Supreme Court upheld the repeal of the Judiciary Act of 1801 in the case of Stuart v. Laird when it ruled Congress had the right to reorganize the judiciary. False During the first of the three eras of the Supreme Court, the unresolved questions concerning ______ governments were at the heart of the judiciary's most significant cases. National and state Chief Justice Taney’s reasoning in the

Dred Scott

414 words - 2 pages Scott vs. Sanford (1857) In 1857, one of the most memorable cases in Supreme Court history took place. The plaintiff of this famous case was Dred Scott. Dred Scott was born around 1800 in Virginia. Scott was the slave of Dr. John Emerson, who bought Scott from Peter Blow. John Emerson was a United States Army surgeon. When Emerson moved from Missouri to Illinois he took Scott with him. After two and a half years in Illinois Emerson moved with

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735 words - 3 pages UNIT 1: Legal Studies | Assignment Joash G Indictable offence vs Summary offence: Indictable offences are more serious offences that cannot be heard without the presence of the accused in court. Summary offences are less serious offences that can be heard by a magistrate sitting alone, rather than a judge and jury. This type of offence can be heard without the accused person present at the court. Twenty men were arrested in the raids

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502 words - 3 pages , say, 15 years would ensure that federal judges would not lose all touch with reality through decades of ivory tower existence." Judges now are also serving longer than they ever have, and many believe this could affect their ability in deciding cases. Altogether, there are many valid and genuinely strong arguments to why Supreme Court justices should be serving a fixed term. Not only would it be beneficial to how the Courts would run, but also

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668 words - 3 pages Greifzu Brown Vs The Board of Education Background Information Expository Essay The Plessy v Ferguson, the Supreme Court Case that stated although colored and white people were separated, as long ad the facilities were equal, it was constitutional. Now, people know that isnt the true because a lot of the colored facilities weren’t equal. Over 50 Years later a new cases, which consisted of five separate cases that were combined into one that is

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1964 words - 8 pages . No one shall be deprived of his liberty save in the following cases and in accordance with a procedure prescribed by law:(a) The lawful detention of a person after conviction by a competent court;(b) the lawful arrest or detention of a person for noncompliance with the lawful order of a court or in order to secure the fulfilment of any obligation prescribed by law;8 9(c) the lawful arrest or detention of a person effected for the purpose of

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1630 words - 7 pages was sentenced by the Bronx Supreme Court to the time of incarceration of one and a half to three years of state prison in full satisfaction of the plea: “ …a plea of guilty to 110/120.05, Attempted Assault in the Second Degree, an E nonviolent felony, with the understanding that he is going to be sentenced to a minimum of one and a half years and a maximum of three years in state prison. He is going to get credit for all two years and

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1293 words - 6 pages into the courtroom you also had to walk through a medal detective. After I entered into the court room I saw two sheriff officers. One officer was standing to the left of the courtroom and the other one was standing to the right of the courtroom. During court the officer’s job was to maintain order in the courtroom. They gave orders to the jury to stand, sit and stop talking; they also read the names of the court cases that were next on the