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Court Cases Essay

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Good morning your honor and ladies and gentlemen of the jury. My name is Aaron Faullin and I will represent the defendant today. The defendant is not a constant problem in the home, in school, or in society. The defendant walked into Publix and stole an item. We as the defense realize this. The defendant realizes this as does the ...view middle of the document...

This young man made a mistake. A mistake that he lives with everyday wishing he could change the fact that it took place. Since the incident the defendant has worked very hard raising grades and moving on with his life so he can reach his goals. Can you imagine the fear the defendant must've felt being arrested by the police? Even more, can you imagine the embarrassment he felt having handcuffs out on him in front of a grocery store? The worst of all is the fact that he felt so shameful and disgraced when his father came to pick him up from a police station. This young man has a bright future ahead of him and I don't feel, nor should you that his life should be put in turmoil for, with all due respect, a pencil. With a last closing thought jury, would you want to be punished extensively for something that costs fifteen cents? That's all your honor. Thank you

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1964 words - 8 pages . No one shall be deprived of his liberty save in the following cases and in accordance with a procedure prescribed by law:(a) The lawful detention of a person after conviction by a competent court;(b) the lawful arrest or detention of a person for noncompliance with the lawful order of a court or in order to secure the fulfilment of any obligation prescribed by law;8 9(c) the lawful arrest or detention of a person effected for the purpose of

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551 words - 3 pages , Stevens acquired the expertise in antitrust, that law, that stood him a good stead during 51 and 52, for when he spent time on the Capitol in D.C as an associate counsel of the house Judiciary committee¹s subcommittee on the study of monopoly power and then from 1953 to 55 where he was a member of the attorney generals national committee to study antitrust laws.Finally on December of 1975, John Paul Stevens became Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens where he served a lengthily term and ruled justly over all of the cases placed before him.

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2264 words - 10 pages to interpret and apply that law to individual cases. This initiative was aimed not only at improving the manner in which separation and marriage dissolution were managed but also aimed at providing specialised facilities and services concerned with the welfare of children of separating couples (Nanlohy, 2002). The Act envisaged that the new court would have judges who were particularly qualified to handle family law matters, counselling and

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414 words - 2 pages Scott vs. Sanford (1857) In 1857, one of the most memorable cases in Supreme Court history took place. The plaintiff of this famous case was Dred Scott. Dred Scott was born around 1800 in Virginia. Scott was the slave of Dr. John Emerson, who bought Scott from Peter Blow. John Emerson was a United States Army surgeon. When Emerson moved from Missouri to Illinois he took Scott with him. After two and a half years in Illinois Emerson moved with