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Court Visit Essay

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University of CebuSanciangko St., Cebu City, PhilippinesIn partial fulfillment in the subjectPolitical Science 6"Court Visit"Submitted to:Atty. Grace Isanor Giduquio- LaronaSubmitted by:Jean Bulac MarcosCourt VisitDate of court visit: February 10, 2014Courtroom visited: RoomJudge: Wilfredo A. DagatanOn Monday the 10th of February 2014, we, the Political Science 6 students attended a court hearing at Mandaue Palace of ...view middle of the document...

Most of the work was in matters for mention. There were only four matters scheduled for hearing during the day, whereas I witnessed it with a confusions in my mind about the way they did the hearing. Hence there was an emphasis on matters for mention. Mandaue Palace of Justice has a system whereby they allocate different types of cases for different days.The first hearing was on the Criminal Case No/s. 41653 for Violation of Section 1 of Article VI. People of the Philippines vs. Mario T. Dizon. The second hearing was on the Criminal Case No/s. 41328 for Falsification of Pri. Doc. People of the Philippines vs. Christina H. Alferez. The third hearing was on the Criminal Case No/s. 40663-9 for Violation of BP. BLG. 22 and the Criminal Case No/s. 40670-80 for Violation of BP. BLG. 22. People of the Philippines vs. Venerando C. Olandria. The last hearing was on the Criminal Case No/s. 38544 and Criminal case No/s. 36653-57 for Violation of BP. BLG. 22. People of the Philippines vs. Lady Ann Y. Domino. All the said hearings was rescheduled by the Judge for some matters.

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