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Creation Evolution Essay

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Josh Eiland19 August 2014Period 4 AllenOld TestamentMaking Ends Meet Between Science and ReligionThe first article, A Teacher on the Front Line as Faith and Science Clash, was a very interesting story to me of how David Campbell, a Biology teacher, tried to work evolution into his school's curriculum, despite initial resistance efforts from Christian influences and local education committees. It explains how with such scientific proof and agreement that evolution is indeed the method with which our species developed from ancient ancestors, it is absurd that this process not be taught to anyone hoping to understand biology. The quote stuck out to me mentioning how "students often arrive at ...view middle of the document...

The second article offered many different perspectives on the relationship between science and religion, and what different people interpret as "acceptable views" when regarding personal beliefs of evolution and the creation story. I found that I identified most with the first author, who offered that the creation story could be, "a powerful and poetic description of God's intentions in creating the universe." I also really loved the statement a few sentences later, mentioning how "if God has now given us the intelligence and the opportunity to discover his methods, that is something to celebrate," because I feel that usually when a scientific discovery is made suggesting something new and radical about life and humans, pious people are often quick to shoot it down and dismiss it as baloney. I personally think that God would be delighted in our intellectual curiosity and achievement, and after all, he controls everything, so if proof all supports evolution, I feel as if maybe God has a plan in humans believing in the process. In fact, sometimes I think that this revolutionary idea of evolution- with everything changing as time goes on- may also symbolize...

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