Creative Piece On Individuality. Short Story Titled "The Rock" Radford/English Creative Assingment

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The Rock
I caught sight of my three friends waiting for me at the lockers. Brittaney, Kelly and Sophia. Simultaneously they turned around and smiled. Their smiles shining almost as brightly as their platinum blonde hair. “Hey Sascha!” “Hey guys!” I called back. “Oh my god girl, we were just talking about the stupid English assignment Miss Leddilsby set us.” Kelly sniped. “She is the worst teacher ever” agreed Sophia. Oh no, I actually like Miss Leddilsby.
I swallowed hard and nodded meekly. Just then, the bell rung. Thank goodness. As we entered the history classroom together Brittaney got this evil grin on her face. “Yo guys!” she whispered-shouted. “What?” asked Sophia. Brittaney paused dramatically. What? What is it? “I.” she announced. “Have an idea to get back at that old hag.” I twirled my jet-black hair nervously, anticipating the rest of her sentence. Kelly and Sophia listened on eagerly. “We should totally stuff up her house, like throw rocks at it and stuff!” Brittaney said. Her voice just as evil as her idea. Oh jeez. The thought of that idea is sending rocks round my stomach. What do they have against her anyway? I looked up at my other two friends to see if they felt the same. Judging by the eager looks on their face, not so much. “You know how much trouble we could get in for that?” I tried saying as casually as...

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