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Welcome my fellow citizens.Do you like British Columbia? Do you like where you are living? Of course not, as you don't like the 7.5% Provincial Sales Tax and the soaring oil price... You loathe the traffic jams, and Canada's national debts... All of these problems we are facing in this country can be turned into positive elements by annexing this province and Washington to create a new state called New Washington.United States of America has been the most powerful country in the world during the twentieth century, and still is keeping its position as the world's leader in economy, military, and finance in the twenty-first century. Pax Americana, meaning American Peace, a derivative term from Latin, Pax ...view middle of the document...

S. Also, because this new state will connect Washington to Alaska, we will become wealthier economically with so many investment companies pouring into what will be New Washington. There will be new highways built for faster transportation between Alaska and other states. There will be new buildings built for biz, there will be new housing plans and radical changes throughout New Washington, which will indubitably make our fair standards of living of right now even better.Proud citizens, why do we have to pay whopping 80~90c/litre on oil while the United States pay half of that around 50c/litre? Why do we have to pay 14.5% more on all purchases? Why do we have to watch all these sports games and see Canadian teams get beaten up by American teams? (Except for hockey, I admit that) These problems will immediately be gone when we proudly enter this influential country. The decreased gas price, absolutely no PST, and new sports teams, supported by the United States are the products that we are going to obtain as a state in the U.S.A.Respectable citizens, the United States will give us better security, much more revenues to be spent to our state, and Vancouver will become the next Seattle or San Francisco, with many tourist attractions and skyscrapers. Isn't this what we are looking for - more active support from the government for more involvement of Vancouver in the world?Let us create a better living space by proudly joining the Pax Americana world.Let us join America to gain more while losing nothing.Pax Americana... The world of hope... want to join?

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