Creative Writing Entitled 'the First Incident' The Stimulus Of The Genre Of Horror Later Used To Inspire A Gcse Drama Play

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THE FIRST INCIDENTI was young when the 'first incident' occurred, five, possibly 6 years old. The family had recently moved to a new house, an 'old' new house, full of large drudgery rooms and haunting Georgian hallways. Sophisticated hallways that overwhelmed my unrefined self. The previous owners had taken less than perfect care of the house, the erstwhile wallpaper shedding its aged skin.I would say roughly a month after moving ...view middle of the document...

The ambiance of the room didn't feel right. If there was such a feeling as 'right', this defiantly was not 'it'.Focussing my eyes as best I could in the dark, I realised I was seeing my reflection, however from what I could recall I was not wearing a red nightgown when I climbed into bed that evening. A double take confirmed this, as a slight girl, age unknown stood in front of the window in my room. Dressed in attire of a red nightgown, yet otherwise white. It appeared that she was staring into the garden for some reason I could not confirm. Yet as I watched her, I succumbed to the haul of sleep, feeling no menace about her.After I awoke, some hours later, that feeling immediaty changed.The temperature in the room decreased almost 20 degrees as she pivoted from the window and stared directly at me.At first you could say I was stunned, bewildered at her reason for being here. But as she began to approach the bed, her face changed from its calm facade to a truly malevolent portrait. At about the same time, I remember a music box of mine commencing a sweet tragic melody. A melody faintly reminiscent of Swan Lake, melnacholy, chilling and foreboding.


The Essay, My Dad, Was Written During My First Year Of College As A Creative Writing Assignment. I Choose To Compose Upon A Memory From My Childhood

711 words - 3 pages her what the term biological meant. She responded kind of dumbfounded because of course that term is pretty broad when it comes to defining it. Then, I asked her what a biological father was. She explained that it was like my dad. I gave a confused look and just walked away.A few days later, I went to my mom and asked to see my birth certificate. Of course she allowed me to see it. I made sure it said my dad's name next to father and to my surprise

A creative writing piece on the relaxing powers of the woods - English composition - Creative writing essay

562 words - 3 pages clearly the moment when I first discovered this magical place. I was seven years old running through the woods behind my neighborhood, my friends in close pursuit. Branches were whipping past my face as I hurtled past trees, then I saw it. A rope, ahead of me and slightly to my left. As if magically suspended in the air! I changed my course and soon my friends and I were standing in this little circle of trees, our chests heaving for breath. I

The Intentions Of Writing The Play EVERYMAN

847 words - 4 pages The intentions and message of EverymanChristina ChristodoulouThe play Everyman is thought to be written in the fifteenth century. Everyman closely resembles an older Flemish play and may only be a translation whereas "Elckerlijc" is seen as more advanced than its later version. More advanced in language, that is and not in the expression of religious views. This theory leads to question the intentions of the original playwright and how

A Report On The Play "Incident At Vichy" By Arthur Miller

815 words - 4 pages Free the major said he doesn't care if Leduc loves him, he believes that individuals don't matter anymore. He does not understand why Leduc has more of a right to live than he.In the end it is the great Prince Von Berg, a man of nobility, who sacrifices his pass out of the detainment room to Leduc, a Jew. Von Berg acts in a very selfless way, the first selfless act in the play, as he places someone else's life before his. Leduc had made him feel guilty

Memour of my first day of school for creative writing class - Silvestri Creative writing - Essay

1489 words - 6 pages be there soon to give me a quick tour. I walk out the office and she was standing there, we walked out the doors and too my surprise, mall the main hallways were outside. Later on I found out all halls were like this. Our first stop was at the library. We all had to get our picture taken for a student ID card and a chromebook. We stood in front of a tiny camera, then SNAP. the picture was so quick so of course i wasn't ready and i looked

A Creative Writing Piece About The Arizona Desert And How It Contrasts From Day To Night

527 words - 3 pages Free in the distance, circling the desert comparable to a tremendous bare stadium with red rocky stands that you know exist, but out of your reach. Every time your eyes wander back to study the distant rocky landscape it seems as if it were merely a projection onto the horizon. It almost feels unreal.As you stand in the midst of the red scar set in the face of America, as the awesome temperature hits you, and as the blue sky watches down on you, time

Macbeth Play Notes of the First 5 Chapters - Glenview English - Paper

3225 words - 13 pages ), but they lack the power to sink the sailor’s ship. The audience can infer that Macbeth will create his own havoc because the prophecy made by the Witches comes true. The Witches guide Macbeth’s fate through their statements. Macbeth states, “So foul and fair a day I have not seen,” echoing the Witches’ lines in the first scene of the play. This repetition links Macbeth to the Witches. The audience makes a logical connection that Macbeth will be

Creative Writing-Flash forward to the future - GEOGRAPHY - Essay

625 words - 3 pages done. By combining different virus and cancer samples in hopes of creating the perfect vaccine that would be able to prevent any type of cancer, Volgar created a mixture that could potentially fight cancer. His findings were published and surprisingly accepted by the science society without any experimental research replications. Sooner or later the vaccine went under a process of mass production and in less than 10 years, ¾ of the world’s

The midnight theft creative writing Assignment - ABC - Creative writing

1695 words - 7 pages Free the decisive moments of their life. People were distraught, and chaos was invading every planet in the macrocosm. People called me Nikolaou Gonfalon. I was the last of the Warriors of Phos. Long ago, the Sisters of Moiré ordained my doomed fate. I tried to bargain with them to change it, but in the end, I captured them and locked them up in a repository on a cliff. I was to lead the expedition to find the cure for the Midnight Theft. That, however

The Friend I Never Knew. A Creative Writing Piece That Is Meant To Be Surround The Theme, "The New Neigbours"

1586 words - 7 pages Free almost never a smile on each face, nor was there ever any sign of satisfaction in their eyes.I looked forward to seeing them at school, I thought, maybe we could become friends and then walk to school together. But, when school started late that August, they weren't there the first day; they weren't there the second day, or the third. My mom told me that they must have been home schooled. There were nights when that once empty house, seemed to take

The Taming of the Shrew - Play within a Play - Baruch College / English - essay

855 words - 4 pages random guy Sly just for fun. Let’s be honest – you can’t expect some epic drama after realizing that rich Lord suddenly decided to play a little game with passed out drunk tinker. In most the cases we are used to laugh or make fun of drunk people, their language and actions. Here Shakespeare introduces us to Christopher Sly who almost simultaneously enters the play and falls asleep after having too much beer in local alehouse: “Third, or fourth

Wilfred Owen's poetry and the links to images of horror - Year 12 - Essay

1462 words - 6 pages ’ as the artillery is imbued with greater humanity than the soldiers who are reduced to the status of animals. The use of onomatopoeia and alliteration in the line ‘….stuttering, rifles’ rapid rattle’ creates a staccato rhythm effectively capturing the sound of gunfire, allowing experience the horror first hand. The overwhelming chaos and sensory over stimulations of the battlefield is a motif that reverberates powerfully throughout Owen’s body

the price of fame essay gcse English - wkfdf - essay English

493 words - 2 pages manipulated her and used her as a kind of puppet and the article called her a ‘monster in the making’ but they did say that she had the best voice although they criticised her from the start. This was her first interview since then because she said that she became more aware of the media. Overall, she has become a better person and is going to re-audition for the show and this time not be such a diva and hopefully do better. Question 2

A Letter To Teft Of The Book Bless The Beasts And The Children- Used For Ideas For Similar Assignment

331 words - 2 pages Free the camp and shot it off, protecting the Bedwetters by scaring off the locals. That judge was not easy on you, probably because you had a record. Well, I hope to see you soon after you get out of jail.Sincerely Yours,Zach Jones

The Thematic Concepts Of Lord Of The Flies Continue To Play A Large Role In Today's Society (Lord Of The Flies In Relation To The Media)

1564 words - 7 pages explained includes Ralph having a desire to squeeze and hunt. Compared to war and bloodlust, soldiers may have a desire to shoot and kill. The boys have one main thing in common with soldiers of war, both have a dominant need to survive.Innocence vs. ExperienceBefore the boys reach the island, they were innocent. Innocence is a term used to indicate a general lack of guilt, with respect to any kind of crime, sin, or wrongdoing. It can also refer to