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This is 2117. One hundred years after 2017. Those were the good days. The days when our world was full of people… Now, it’s almost empty. It’s shocking how many changes can happen over the course of a century. It all goes way back, even before 2017.
Russian geneticist and bioengineer Charles Volgar was passionately working on one of the most serious issues affecting our world both at the time and today: cancer. He had some unique and innovative ideas and was so close to making history. He still made it, but not the way he was expecting to. In order to find a cure for cancer, Volgar’s focus was not on changing the genes themselves, but rather on producing a vaccine that would prevent any abnormal cell growth. He was working on an extremely hazardous and poisonous environment – his lab was full of cancer samples.
He did what no other scientist could ever done. By combining different virus and cancer samples in hopes of creating the perfect vaccine that would be able to prevent any type of cancer, Volgar created a mixture that could potentially fight cancer. His findings were published and surprisingly accepted by the science society without any experimental research replications.
Sooner or later the vaccine went under a process of mass production and in less than 10 years, ¾ of the world’s population had received the supposed treatment. But the vaccine’s properties were far different than what Volgar expected. When conducting his experiments, the bioengineer didn’t take into account one of the most important details – the human factor.
The vaccine contained samples of different cancer types. Inserting small amount of those samples would indeed work on empty organisms. But humans are not empty. Enzymes in the saliva strongly reacted with the cancer samples forming one of the deadliest contagious viru...


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1128 words - 5 pages smile appearing like it was ripped off another face and redrawn on his. I closed my eyes and in a second, I found the words that I had suppressed in my own reluctance to move forward. "Revitalise these in a body of work for me when you can see how far you have come." I was finally reminded of what was most important; that art was a journey and it was my responsibility as an artist to take not only myself, but my audience, on it. I headed back into the studio and I knew what I needed to do. Oil paint tubes were screwed open. This was the threshold. - I no longer waited for the portals to open. They waited for me to enter.

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607 words - 3 pages been teetering of the edge of destruction.All quotes are from a January 1, 2000 article from NewsWeekYou may contact me if you need it.The teacher gave me a perfect and also encouraged me to write another essay for extra credit after she graded this essay.

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