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Baylee’s Game
By: Chloe Robinson
Baylee. Brown hair, blue eyes, the heart of gold. She followed a routine every day, if you asked anyone, they would say she is perfect. She was always with friends, laughing, and dancing like no one was watching. She was just having fun. She seemed too innocent, too precious, like there were no flaws about her. Though you will soon learn everything is not what it seems…
Jack. Blonde hair, hazel eyes, and the sweetest. He always smelled of mint and cologne. He was who everyone wanted to be, QB of the football team, quite the ladies’ man, and he had the effortless hair of a super-model. He seemed to have all the ladies’, the looks, the money, but something in his life was missing. Was it he wanted a brown haired, blue eyed girl…?
Baylee sat quietly at her table at the café, sipping on her usual mocha frappe’. Then, Jack walked in. She looked up and saw a boy sitting across from her, Jack. “Hello,” she began. “Hello,” Jack mimicked. Then, they both sat in silence. But this was not an awkward silence, in this silence, everything was silently said. As Baylee finished her drink, Jack threw away her trash like a gentle man, and with that, they left the restaurant together, hand in hand…
Baylee and Jack’s love for the other had been established. It had been six years. It was time they began a new chapter in their lives, together. It was a quiet day really, until she returned to her mother’s house, ring on finger. Then, the celebrating began for the thing would never be the same.
From the moment they said “I do”, they promised to be together forever. They both agreed it was the happiest day of their lives. They danced all night, never taking their eyes off of each other. Their love for each other, burning like a fire. It seemed at the moment that nothing could bring them apart. Nothing. Or so it seemed…
Returning from the hospital, Jack entered the house, slamming the door, Baylee took off for the master suite, tears in her now glossy. Baylee had recently discovered she was pregnant, but she just received the news of a miscarriage. This was the hardest thing Baylee had ever been through. A bit later, she left her room for dinner. Jack waiting at the table, “We were going to have a baby!” snipped Jack, but he was cut off by Baylee. “How could you be upset with me?” She held back more tears, “It was my baby too! I needed your support and you weren’t there, so how dare you!” Jack shook his head slowly and rolled his eyes. With this, Baylee spun, slapped Jack in the face, and left the house. At that moment, a side of both Jack and Baylee, that the other had never seen before, was revealed…
A shivering Baylee returned to the house that night, hoping to receive an apology from Jack, but only found him sleeping. Tears began welling in her eyes again, but this time, she held them back. She took a deep breath and slowly strides over to the safe. She unlocked it and removed a slim, shiny, stick looking object. A machete. ...


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