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Credit Card
Credit cards are plastic cards that are used in banks, business, and more which allows the user to
purchase stuff on credit. Still confused? Credit cards basically just allows you to borrow money
from your bank to make your purchase. As long as you pay the money back within the certain
deadline, you won’t have to pay interest plus the money your borrowed. But using a credit card
is also a form of tool to get into debt, so be careful. Some pros of using a credit card is that you
can make online purchases and is a lot easier to carry around, instead of having a wallet full of
money. However, if you carelessly spend money, you can easily get into debts, like I mentioned
before, and procrastinating the payment will end up making even the smallest debts grow to a lot
of money. How does a credit card work? A credit card works because the credit card is tied to a
credit account. Everytime you use the credit card, money builds up to the account and will stayed
there and build up more money, until you pay it all off. When you have no money left in your
account, you st...


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