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24/ 07/2019
Economic and Industrial Challenges
Answer 1
The national government chose to venture in. It was apprehensive the strike would start clashes in different urban areas. Not long after the strike started, two Cabinet clergymen met with the Citizens' Committee in Winnipeg. These authorities were Senator Gideon Robertson, pastor of work, and Arthur Meighen, priest of the inside and acting priest of equity. Robertson and Meighen wouldn't meet with the Central Strike Committee.
On the Citizens' Committee's recommendation, the central government quickly upheld the businesses. It took steps to terminate government laborers except if they came back to work right away. Parliament changed the Immigration Act with the goal that British-conceived outsiders could be expelled. It likewise expanded the Criminal Code's meaning of subversion (see Criminal Code, Section 98).
On 17 June, the legislature captured 10 pioneers of the Central Strike Committee and two individuals from the One Big Union. After four days, strikers held a quiet procession in help of the captured pioneers. At City Hall, the group started to vandalize a streetcar. The Royal North-West Mounted Police charged at the protestors, beating them with clubs and discharging slugs. The brutality harmed around 30 individuals and murdered two. Known as Bloody Saturday, the day finished with government troops possessing the city's avenues.
Answer 2.
Temporarily, the Winnipeg General Strike did ...


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