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Crime in AmericaThe article "A Stigma that Never Fades" is about the criminal justice system in America. It discusses life before and after prison and what the prisoners have to deal with. It discusses the issues of jobs, drugs and early release. Prisons are letting men go because they don't know what else to do. On top of other problems they are also suffering cutbacks, at least in California. This is compounding the problem and making a solution difficult to obtain.Since 1973 this article tells that our prisons have quadrupled in inmates, there are also millions out on parole. There are also convicted felons who have spent no time in jail. But all these categories have something in common; they will all have a hard time getting a jib. Many employers will not hire felons, nor are many allowed to. This is contributing to the rearr ...view middle of the document...

The orison is overcrowded and room is needed. So men are released before they are ready. They have not learned their lesson and this gives them the idea that if they are caught it's no big deal. They won't be punished so why fix their life.The issue many people have is how to fix thus problem. When two thirds of felons are retuning to jail there is a problem. But what can we do. I have an idea of a solution. The first thing would be to help released prisoners find a job. This would mean needing more parole officers but if these men had jobs they could have a better chance. Even if their parole officer couldn't help them, then the prison should. They should have outreach type programs that will have jobs available for these released men.The other solution for the drugs is to rehabilitate them. There are a few systems that use this method. Bit if someone is arrested fir drug use they need help. A majority of crimes are committed while high, so in theory all prisoners should have to receive drug counseling. If these men were treated they might not be back in prison.Another way to curb crime would be to have more youth programs for juvenile offenders. Take them when they commit tier first minor crime and let them see what prison is like. Or even better take them to a boot camp. Solve the problem when they are young so that society can rest easy when they grow. Other countries view crime as wrong but also treat it properly. They have shorter sentence but a better system. America should pay attention and try to imitate s system that is working.These solutions sound costly but in reality they will spend less than the current system. If those two thirds of released felons did not return the prison would be saving massive amounts of money. Our prisons would not be overcrowded and new ones would not have to be built. Although this system could not be acted upon right now it could be in the future. I therefore think that these solutions could work.


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1146 words - 5 pages . States are now implementing anti trafficking legislation, the legislation acts to help. 7 Works Cited Aronowitz, A. A. (2009) Human Trafficking, Human Misery: The Global Trade in Human Beings, United States of America: Greenwood Publishing group Inc. Deshpande, Neha A, and Nawal M Nour. “Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls.” Reviews in Obstetrics and Gynecology 6.1 (2013): e22–e27. Print. Haken, Jeremy. "Transnational Crime In The Developing World

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