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Crime Myths Essay

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Crime myths have always affected every day life for all in our society. Most of us do not realise this. This report will go on to explain the functions and characterizations of these myths in great detail. You will learn about how crime myths are created, who creates them and how they actually affect us. Different crime myths are contrasted and compared within the report with examples given.There are many different ways in which crime is defined. Crime's definition can vary according to a person's cultural background whether it involves race or religion or many other factors of one's experience within the society that they live in. Generally crime occurs when the set of rules known as laws ...view middle of the document...

The rate of offences against the person had dropped to 2.49 per 1000, less than half of the figure in 1890. Meanwhile in1902 the number per 1000 had only dropped to 4.29 for offence against property.A number of factors contribute to the difference in crime concerns as time passes. They include demographic change, economic reform, globalisation and technology. They are causing the environment in which we live to change. With that change, motives to commit various crimes will change.Statistical research cannot be always be relied upon as being accurate. It aims to provide us with comparable data from two different sources; crimes recorded by police and crime victimisation surveys. The problem with statistical research is victims do not always report crime to the police. Therefore nobody knows that the crime ever occurred apart from who ever the perpetrator or victim personally informs. Reporting of crime depends on the kind of offence that was committed. Some victims may feel uncomfortable reporting a crime depending on the circumstances surrounding the event. (Graycar & Grabosky 2002)The creation of crime myths occurs through crime related fictions and sensational stories being told. As they are told and retold new meanings have been created for those fictional stories of crime. This is known to some as "Chinese whispers". This fictional element is also created courtesy of the transformation and distortion of events into social problems. The majority of crime myths start because of breakdowns in logic, contradiction and distortion.Crime myths are a real thing. They actually do exist in the minds of those who believe in them. The way we see crime is affected by these myths while we do not even realise it. The operation of the criminal justice system is affected by crime myths. As a result some social issues are labelled as being related to crime.Established crime views are supported and continued by myths that cause these perceptions to be relied upon. Stereotypes of criminals are produced which supports existing methods of crime control and prevention. This in turn stunts research and investigation involved with producing more current and up to date methods of crime control and prevention. (Kappeler, Blumberg & Potter 1993)A common myth within our society is that separation of violent offenders from the community by imprisonment will enhance our community's safety. Prisons are very dangerous and are common places for those inside to learn further in regards to violent behaviour. A person's ability to live independently and peacefully can be totally destroyed in prison. Prisoners suffer negative and brutal experiences at times destroying their will to live decently, which can drive them to plotting revenge on society. (Ray & Craze 1991)People have long believed that alcohol causes violent behaviour. A common belief shared by Australians is that Rum causes aggressiveness. This has proven to very mythical as research suggests that the...

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