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There is something terribly wrong with our criminal justice system and it has nothing to do with how liberal or conservative our judges are. Granted you the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals would let Jack the ripper off with a slap on the wrist but it's the system that's broken, not the judiciary.Don't buy into the argument that the justice system is entirely racially motivated merely because the number of black prisoners versus the number of white prisoners is disproportionate to the population at large. There are more blacks than whites in prison because blacks commit more crimes and whites get away with more crimes. There are also more blacks in prison for another reason. Although we h ...view middle of the document...

Using that definition literally, what comes to mind is the potential makeup of a jury for a Fortune 500 CEO and that of your neighborhood dope dealer. Should the CEO have a jury composed of business leaders and chambers of commerce types while the dope dealer have twelve people from the hood sitting on his or her jury? Basically, the Founding Fathers had in mind a jury of common people, without rank or privilege - the man or woman on the street, so to speak. What they did not have in mind is a high-priced "jury selection consultant" trying to skew the jury in favor of one person or another. We also don't need a "quota system" that tells us if the defendant is black a certain number of jurors must be black. What that says is they're betting on the black people on the jury, unlike their white counterparts, being prejudiced in favor of a black defendant simply because he or she is black. They might understand the defendant a little better but they are perfectly capable of making decisions based on the facts.A jury of twelve honest people can only rely on what they hear in the courtroom. If several witnesses have no fear of perjuring themselves, their testimony is worthless and misleading. And yet, on thousands of occasions every day convicted felons are allowed to get up on the witness stand and lie. Why would they do that? Because the law enforcement community, prosecutors and District Attorneys specifically, will exchange favors for testimony that will help their case, thereby creating tainted testimony. How many times have you read of a verdict being overturned, sometimes years later, because a witness lied? A large percentage of those witnesses were convicted felons. If you are the one innocent person who has been railroaded with perjured testimony, the numbers really don't make any difference.One thing might stop that travesty. Convicted felons should be prevented, by law, from testifying in any case other than their own. They have already lost their voting privileges, a punishment with more bark than bite, but they are allowed to stand up in front of a jury and turn our criminal justice system into a cesspool.Any police officer will tell you that criminals lie just about all the time, even when they have no need to. They will say anything that will advance their cause and lessen their punishment and waiting in the wings is your friendly prosecutor ready to cut a deal. A law prohibiting convicted felons from testifying in a court of law, except when it relates to their own case, would stop the "snitch" industry in ...


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4498 words - 18 pages The Evolving Criminal Justice System The Evolving Criminal Justice System Vanessa Acevedo Criminal Justice 101 Dr. Crump 12/8/2017 The Evolving Criminal Justice System The criminal justice system is complex and forever transformationally expanding subject that will most likely never remain static for long. The existing field of criminal justice aids our society and improves it in numerous ways and over the course of over 400 years, the system

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2202 words - 9 pages Children and the Criminal Justice System. Children Act, 2001 – · Became law in July 2001. Children in conflict with the law should only be detained by the state as a last resort. · There are many community based measures which must be explored and exhausted before detention can be considered. · What is a Minor – Section 3 Children Act 2001 – “child” means a person under the age of 18 years; (Removes any distinguishing classes of children e.g

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1240 words - 5 pages Critically evaluate: Restorative justice has re-centred the criminal justice system around the victim The dictionary definition of the criminal justice system (CJS) states, the CJS is the system of law enforcement that is directly involved in apprehending, prosecuting, defending, sentencing and punishing those who are suspected or convicted of criminal offences (English Oxford Dictionaries, 2018). Before 1964 the CJS in the United Kingdom (UK

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896 words - 4 pages 1 4 Ethical Violation Paper Janelle S. Russell February 26, 2018 Janet Evans Ethical Violations The purpose of the criminal justice system is to maintain social control, deter and mitigate crime, and sanction those who violate laws with penalties appropriate for their crimes. However, it is beyond control to be sure that everyone working within the criminal justice system has or maintains high ethical standards. This paper will explore one

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997 words - 4 pages After Research, I do feel that minorities are overrepresented within the criminal justice system. For example, "a suit filed Jan. 6 in Union County, N.J., alleges that a state law denying voting rights to parolees and probationers discriminates against blacks and Hispanics due to their overrepresentation in the criminal justice system"(Penal Disenfranchisement Law Called Biased). A good deal of research has noted major disparities in the extent

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576 words - 3 pages treated differently in the court system because they have a mindset of an adolescent and they have no real idea of what's going on around them, but they do have protected right in the criminal justice system but they do not always help. People with mental retardation have the mindset of an adolescent therefor they should be treated differently in court systems. “Professionals in the Human Service and Criminal Justice system frequently fail to


1430 words - 6 pages Queensborough Community College Spring 2019 Intro to Criminal Justice Crim 101 Prof. Bridgett McMillan, Esq. Exam #1 Chapter 1 The Criminal Justice System MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. According to Cole and Smith, which of the following is NOT a goal of the criminal justice system? a. doing justice b. controlling crime c. preventing crime d. dramatizing crime e. all of these are goals of the criminal justice system ANS: D 2. The two justice systems in the

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2381 words - 10 pages Introduction:This proposal is for the purposes of looking at alternatives to court sentencing of youth charged with criminal acts.I. Shortcomings and deficiencies with the current traditional justice system A.Traditional Justice goals are based on Retributive model as opposed to Restorative 1.Traditional Justice trend to sentencing 2.Traditional Justice lack of Offender accountability 3.Traditional Justice neglect of victims B.Advantages to

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362 words - 2 pages a four hearings on the same day. The said hearing started at 9 in the morning, yet some of the people who were engaged in the cases were not yet there. Most of the work was in matters for mention. There were only four matters scheduled for hearing during the day, whereas I witnessed it with a confusions in my mind about the way they did the hearing. Hence there was an emphasis on matters for mention. Mandaue Palace of Justice has a system

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952 words - 4 pages What can be Done About the Texas Criminal Justice System? In order for our world and community to run smoothly and orderly, laws and policies must be put into place. In order for the laws to be put into place we; as members of a democratic society, choose to elect officials who will in turn create these policies on our behalf. Moreover in order for these laws and policies to be enforced, a criminal justice system is implemented. The criminal

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2476 words - 10 pages CHAPTER ONE Criminal Justice System The law enforcement, court, and correctional agencies that work together to the apprehension, prostitution, and control of criminal offenders. They are charged with maintaining order, enforcing the law, identifying transgressions, bringing the guilty into justice, and treating criminal behavior. Criminal Justice Process The decision-making points from the initial investigation or arrest by police to the

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1802 words - 8 pages Dunlap 2 Harley Dunlap Peter Chi CIE-200-J 8 May 2018 Mass Incarceration Does Lead to a Caste System and Here’s Why At the beginning of President Obama’s election, the United States seems to be progressing towards a post-racial society. However, the rates of mass incarceration of black males in the United States shows otherwise. Mass incarceration as a modern racial caste system will show the ideals of the criminal justice system in developing