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Criminal Justice Trends Essay

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Criminal Justice TrendsSteve PopeCJA 484June 16, 2014Shane EvansCriminal Justice TrendsWhat are trends? Trends are fads that move gradual toward a common goal or result. Trends can be associated with music, weather, fashion, and professions. Trends are developed over time and ultimately produce a result. Like any other group, the criminal justice system is faced with trends within every component. What may be a popular idea one moment may change the next. This paper will evaluate past, present, and future trends of corrections within the criminal justice system. Also discussed will be the budgetary and managerial impact that future trends ...view middle of the document...

The Crime Control Model was introduced in the 1970s and remained the trend until 2000. Each period or model, although different, was a trend that was favored by many during that time. Penitentiaries were implemented as a replacement method for capital and corporal punishment (Reeves, 1992).The main principles of penitentiaries within corrections were to isolate the individual from engaging in negative societal influences and allow the individual time to contemplate and repent (Reeves, 1992). Other reasons included having the individual who committed a criminal act complete productive labor to reform his or herself and return to society as a renewed individual. This was initially welcomed because the thought was this approach would be inexpensive because the result would be shorter sentences and fewer officers or guards would be needed. The thought was to isolate individuals so he or she had quiet time to reflect on his or her wrong doings while serving time in an isolated environment to prevent individuals to reoffend and return to corrections.Other models were in completion during this time. The Pennsylvania System also focused on solitary confinement and each individual or inmate would complete all daily activities in an isolated cell. This included eating, sleeping, working, religious practices, and reflecting on his or her criminal behaviors. The hope was that individuals would be reformed through salvation and enlightenment. The New York system was in support of a congregate system involving working all day in hard labor jobs and remaining in solitary confinement in the evenings. This approach utilized strict discipline while encouraging silence. Reform of individuals was measured through good work habits and discipline. The United States was in favor of this model because of the economical attributes associated with it (Reeves, 1992). Although Europeans favored the Pennsylvania Model and the United States favored the New York Model for various reasons, neither model decreased crime nor appropriately reformed offenders.The Southern Penology was a trend because of the devastation of war and economic hardship during that era. This model enacted a lease system by which business owners could negotiate with states for labor and care of inmates. Penal farms were introduced and developed state-run plantations which grew crops to feed inmates in corrections and to sell crops on free market. The Western Penology was not influenced by the east and their ideologies. Prior to statehood, inmates were housed in territorial facilities or in federal military prisons. The western states discontinued the use of the leasing system as states began entering into the union.The Reformatory Movement in the 1870s was a direct product of disillusionment with oppressive penitentiary systems. The focus remained on inmate change but indeterminate sentences were fixed, inmates were classified and housed based on character and behavior, and early release initiatives were...

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