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Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical Thinking Research Project One of the common beliefs in Thinking Activity 5.2 that is asked to evaluate is "I believe that there are more people on the earth today than there were one hundred years ago." In looking for evidence to support this belief in The La Guardia and Wagner Archives about New York City social history from the 1940's that I discovered that many of these documents are concentrated on the constructional, housing and living problems after World War II in N.Y.C.Based on them I want to show that population was growing and it means that people were less a hundred years ago than now.The first argument that proves quickly rising population is connected with a need to enlarge and save food for new coming people (especially homing veterans). A quote ...view middle of the document...

Fats are needed all over the world, creameries must stop custom churching"¦" Other facts which documents an increase of people between past and at present is related to public housing in N.Y.C. A quote of Division of Housing Veterans Cooperative addressed by Herman T.Stichman show this is "¦"I referred to the State's Emergency Housing Program as what I there thought was temporary but necessary measure. Today, more than two years after the ending of hostilities, we find that we are still building emergency housing, remodeling barracks, still converting, still remodeling old tenements, school houses, so they may be lived in by our veterans, their wives and their children"¦"We have provided good comfortable homes in all of them the best emergency housing in the country. However it is sad commentary on the power of the greatest country in the world to solve a two years old emergency that it is still necessary to build temporary homes.Another famous man Commissioner Platzker is asked about conversion of small houses: " Make a survey of the one and two family brick homes that are susceptible to conversion. Mark you under the law today these building may be converted from one to two, and two to three family brick houses. One amendment would permit to reconversion to reduce yard of the family house from thirty minimum to twenty minimum"¦" Another well-known example is mortality, which was much bigger 100 years ago than now. It was caused by a lack to hygiene and advanced medicine. Also, in looking for some information on the Internet about the population of 1900's and 2000's I discovered huge difference the population had increased in 1900 from 1.500.000.000 to 5.500.000.000 in year 2000. All those arguments persuade me that now is much more people than there were one hundred years ago.

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