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Critical Thinking For Indonesian Language Essay

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The use of language is the primary building block for communicating in any civilization. Language is a vital tool for almost every aspect of our lives; therefore, it is imperative that society continues to seek new techniques and ways to effectively teach Language. The author A. Alwashilah wrote an article titled "Critical thinking crucial to global success". (2002, may 02) The Jakarta Post. The author writes about the perception that the language curriculum of Indonesia is ineffective because of the methods of teaching the Indonesian language. The author identifies some possible reasons for the perceived problems with the country's language program and some solutions that could fix what ...view middle of the document...

For example, the use of repetitive to describe the method of learning provides a simpler picture than the chosen word of rote. Another example is using adroit to state, "Skillful thinking would result from having many in teaching language".The author's argument that the traditional ways and methods for teaching the subject are limited and furthermore the teaching produces a respective cycle for limited teaching and learning. The argument on the principal that to obtain the ultimate goal is to learn enough of the Indonesian language to achieve the desired test results, which limits the possibility for critical thinking. The limitations in language will cause limitations in other aspects of education because language is a vital tool in learning.The fallacy in the article is it failure to produce and data on the opinions of the majority of the Indonesian population. It is not clear whether the population feels that the subject is boring or if the system needs an upgrade. The argument that the language is boring is the view of one person, which may not reflect the opinion of others. Furthermore, there is no way to ascertain the information to determine if the...

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