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PHL 111 Critical Essay
Meaghan B. Carter
Southern New Hampshire University
The topic I have chosen to focus on for my final project is online dating versus offline dating. Online dating refers to people meeting prospective partners online though dating websites where they are matched to people of similar interests and personalities. Offline dating refers to people meeting prospective partners through social events, mutual friends, and in social settings. This topic is of interest to people who are trying to decide the best dating avenue to take when finding a prospective partner.
The topic presented in this article is about the pros and cons to online dating and if it is better than traditional offline dating. The premises for the argument are that online dating gives a person a better chance at meeting someone new, people can browse prospective partners from the comfort of their own home at their own pace, people can find prospective partners with little effort, and they can be matched with someone that possesses similar interests and personality traits. This topic is relevant and being discussed because with the way technology is booming and people become busier with their careers, online dating makes it easier to find a prospective partner quicker than traditional offline dating. There are some cons to online dating such as people giving false information about themselves, their career, and maybe even what they look like. This is a concern when trying to meet someone new and it can be difficult to trust someone new. The conclusion is that anyone wanting to find a partner, incorporating both online and offline dating can help increase one’s chances at finding love.
The personal connection I have to this topic is that I have recently become single. I am not at the stage of wanting to set up an online dating profile just yet but completing this research document will certainly help make my decision to start the online dating process. This topic is of particular interest to me because I have several friends who have used online dating and they have been successful, but it has taken more work than they originally anticipated and I feel that being a single mother of three would make it harder for me to spend time setting up a dating profile and scanning through potential partners.
The argument being made by my chosen article is whether online dating is better than traditional dating. The argument focuses on the pros and cons of both dating scenarios. This argument is based on the following key facts: offline matchmakers are using the online dating tools to reach new prospective partners for their clients (Spira, 2013). There are over 40 million singles in the United States that have used online dating, and one out of five relationships start online (Spira, 2013). There is 24/7 availability with online dating, so one can browse potential partners anytime of the day. Offline dating ...


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