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4. Please: - a) give up to three practical examples of how you intend to use the knowledge, skills and connections you will gain from your scholarship. Possible tasks can be personal and/or professional; and b) list any possible constraints you think may prevent you from achieving these tasks.*
Firstly, my knowledge and capacities will use for better equipping local teachers who have coped with many challenges of teaching and learning English in primary and secondary school levels. When I go to monitor and evaluate teachers’ teaching- students’ learning in remote areas, I often encounter teaching and learning issues such as big classes, heterogeneous backgrounds in classrooms, teachers lack strategies to teach students and unable to create teaching aids to teach in each exercise which make students demotivate to learn English. In many of these cases, after spending a great deal of time on research, I find such issues had already been researched and discussed nationally and common approaches had been used to deal with them. With the knowledge and skills of teaching approaches that I will gain from my studies, I will be able to assist pedagogical advisors and also local teachers in overcoming their challenges, by comprehending how to teach big classes, and also create teaching aids to fit the students’ needs in each activity.
Secondly, I will share...


Relevance of Critical Thinking in Academic Writing and Problem Solving - Holmesglen - Report

3578 words - 15 pages Free people to create exceptional academic writing and helps make better decisions. Different settings whether in an academic background or work environment offers problems that need to be solved every day. This report discusses the relevance of critical thinking in academic writing and problem solving. There may be different ways in how critical thinking is related to these skills. In order to understand these relationships, the report looks into the

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1555 words - 7 pages Matthew Cerasia Professor DeNigris General Psychology 27 February 2018 Critical Thinking Essay 1 After reading through the articles in the ​ Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, ​I chose to review​ ​ “A Literature Review on Video Games, Perception, & Identity” by Kathleen Falcon for this assignment . In her article Falcon analyses the influence that video games can have on . However, this article moves away from studying how video

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1894 words - 8 pages optimal alternative for reducing costs is to cut unnecessary programs offered by the hospital and asking staff to be conscious of wasting resources. The third alternative that should be applied is holding patients responsible for charges not covered by insurance companies. The hospital can no longer absorb these costs.Implementing the DecisionsImplementing a decision is the most critical step in decision making. It requires support and cooperation from

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1190 words - 5 pages Dylan Fisher Dr. Mace Writing Communications November 20, 2017 Guns Complicated Legal Status in Modern America There is perhaps no bigger issue in the United States today than that of the legality of firearms. Firearms have been in our society since its infancy, and they aren't going anywhere. Ever since the founding fathers drafted the constitution, they put emphasis on the ability for the American population to own guns. In recent times guns

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1178 words - 5 pages Meskerem Woldegerima Assignment 1: Personal Response to Reading Verlinden, J 2005, Critical Thinking and Everyday Argument, Wadsworth/Thompson Learning, Southbank, Victoria, pp. 16-27. Description: In this article Verlinden explains what critical thinking is and considers the skills involved with critical thinking. The word critical thinking is usually misunderstood by people for finding fault in people’s ideas. However critical thinking

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1200 words - 5 pages liveliness, a thirst for knowledge and a demand to know and to understand”. The intermediate learner has a sharp mind she or he is cable of accommodating new ideas and finding ways to approach problems such as solving maths equations and analysing questions. This modern child has a high imagination of things they can relate what the learned in classroom with reality. To describe skills, knowledge and values that a 2019 teacher needs in order to teach a

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736 words - 3 pages , a person's critical thinking skills will improve.Some philosophers believe that human minds are born with some instinctive abilities. Though this is difficult to prove, it is known that there are specific portions of the brain that store date and where certain processes take place. Kirby and Goodpaster (1999) state "Our brain is prepared to receive and store sensory data, to retrieve that data, and then to process and interpret that data in a

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406 words - 2 pages Free rhythm so the feeling that they are expressing is easy to feel while reading it. Poetry uses different types of sensory words for its meaning, sound, and rhythm to get the reader's imagination. Poetry is basically a way for people to put their feelings into words and it is easier to express themselves while doing it. Poetry improves your verbal skills, memory, and critical thinking. A poem goes however you want it to flow. A poem can get more

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1132 words - 5 pages Brandon Harter Ĺupčo Reflective Letter December 1, 2007 This semester in Ĺupčo Spasovski’s English 101 class I’ve learned many critical aspects of writing that I had previously overlooked. There have been great improvements in nearly all forms of writing in my papers. I’ve made great strides in my grammar, punctuation, flow, and sentence structure. My writing now as a whole is presented much more clearly and with far less errors. These

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1706 words - 7 pages goal was achieved because he grew into a bolder, braver person with more critical thinking skills due to his new experiences. Like in Jake’s early life, I am plagued by a lack of creativity. I struggle often when required to think out of the box. While not everyone has a lot of it, creativity is something everyone possesses. Every child has the potential to become the next Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein or Bill Gates. Keeping children from fantasy is

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529 words - 3 pages me to do essays. however, my experience in this semester as a writer, thinker, and reader I learned how to organize my ideas, the writing process, and what is proper language. This semester I have learned how to accurately organize my ideas. This is helpful for me because help me to present clearly the material. Looking back at the first paper, I did not have a lot of experience with organization. I jumped from subject to subject without any

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2284 words - 10 pages view of critical thinking, the aim of an argument is to persuade your reader of your position, your conclusion. Your point of view needs to be presented as a well-reasoned argument that leads to a conclusion based on evidence. Critical writing is really a line of reasoning, a set of reasons, presented in the most convincing and logical order, to support a conclusion. The third consideration in producing an assignment based on good critical

Nature Of Logic

957 words - 4 pages assumptions. The author has shown that without using the critical thinking process a person can actually make life altering decisions with little or no basis. It should be a daily goal for everyone who reads this paper to use the critical thinking process in each and every decision that is made. It not only allows you to make better decisions, it also helps make one more learned person. References: Kirby, Goodpaster, & Levine. (1999). Critical Thinking [UOP Custom Edition]. Needham Heights, MA: Pearson Custom Publishing. Retrieved from

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777 words - 4 pages for how the internet is weakening our ability for deep processing and critical thinking, while simultaneously increasing our visual-spatial awareness and our multitasking skills. The internet appears to rewire our brain to allow for multitasking and quick decision making in contrast to how our brain reads a book which allows us to delve deeply into the reading and possibly also think more deeply as well. There are many studies presented in this

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423 words - 2 pages Free news journal "The Conversation" is also not permitted. Articles MUST not be older than 2 years Please note that only one article MAY relate directly or indirectly to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  health.  It is advisable to start thinking about the topic throughout the semester, being alert to media items and collect them before you commence writing the assessment. Please note that the two media items must be drawn from different media