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Critique On Classic Movie "Do The Right Thing"

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Sal's Racial Pizzeria.In our world today people do as we think good things and bad things, but who is the person to decide. Greater good could excuse minor evils but who again is to decide if those minor Evils are the right thing to do. "Do The Right Thing", a movie created in 1989 challenges many issues of right and wrong as well as touching upon the issue of racial differences. The most Fascinating and important character of the plot is Sal. Sal is a white Italian American male that owns the only pizzeria in the black neighborhood and has two sons Vino and Pino. The two sons are an allusion to Kane and Abel where two brothers hate each other and eventually Kane kills Abel. Sal is played by ...view middle of the document...

Thus, even though Jane seems to flirt with Sal this story does not develop until the end of the movie. However even though Sal seems to be disliked he seems to be as is shown a benefactor to the black community. That is a converse of is sons who want to leave the black neighborhood but Sal counters their remarks because he says that he is their benefactor and only later does he talk about competition that there would be in white neighborhood.Mokkie, most probably the protagonist of the film "Do The Right Thing", throughout the whole movie works for Sal and his two sons who both eventually end up hating him. However Mokkie really affects Sal after the police comes to break up the fight between Sal and Raheem. The white policemen eventually end up killing Radio Raheem and Sal is seen as the cause for Raheem's death. After the police leaves Sal is left alone against an outraged crowd of blacks. There in the film it seemed as if the blacks are ready to kill Sal and Mokkie picks up a trash can. He throws it through the glass of Sal's famous pizzeria and the blacks begin to loot the place...

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