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Asian-American Cross-cultural 
Consulting Proposal  
Patricia Nguyen 
Toronto, ON, Canada  

Through one-on-one meetings with executive management, I will help a small business or
corporate client to objectively understand how its cultural and political climate influences its
business-to-consumer as well as business-to-business relationships. With a particular problem in
mind, presented to me by a given client, I will work to collect data on the nature of the
organization(s) and corresponding industries in question, within a given time frame, and then
present to the client a report(s). These final report(s) will address the problem at hand, with the
goal of granting the client clarity into developing and implementing solutions to their
organizational or strategic problem. If applicable, tailored, facilitated workshops may also be
offered to the client and their staff in light of the insights gained from the final consulting report.
It is the client’s responsibility to present the cultural consultant with access to the relevant
information needed to write a final report (e.g. attending one-on-one meetings, access to
company documents, tour of facilities, etc.). A flat, negotiable fee is charged at the end of a
specified completion date.
Clients that would benefit from our cross-cultural consulting services include organizations who
encounter differences in North-American (Canadian, American) and in Asian (East Asian,
Southeast Asian) behaviour and values; and who desire to improve the cultural competency of its
staff, business strategy, and consumer relationship management.
1. Improve cultural competency and diplomacy of key individuals in an organization
2. Give much-needed clarity on an organizational or business relationship problem of a
cultural or a political nature, specifically in relation to the interaction between Western
and Asian culture
Cultural competency:​ achieving the level of knowledge and ability to conduct a working
relationship with person(s) of a different culture within a particular business context; founded on

mutual respect and understanding; providing the foundation of future collaboration; forgoing
cultural appropriation as a barrier to effective communication
Clarity:​ confidence in pursuing a solution to a given problem that was otherwise unobtainable
due to lack of experience, knowledge and culturally-sensitive foresight; is the result of healthy
cultural conflict where team/business relationship norms and expectations are established and
negotiated moving forward
Diplomacy:​ recognizing the unique worth and dignity of individuals involved in a cross-cultural
consulting case; cultural understanding is not used to take advantage of any person(s), or to
promote cultural appropriation; business relationship transactions are conducted equitably with
mutual respect and understanding; universal human rights are upheld
Culture:​ ​a continuous and repetitive theme...

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