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Mr. Price
October 22, 2018
Crucible Essay
In the Crucible, by Arthur Miller, some may say that Abigail was much to blame for the events that had occured. It depends on the reader rather she is solely blame Abigail for the events which took place. Throughout the entire movie you can observe that Abigail played a huge role in many things that turned negative quickly. Abigail opened doors she couldn't close, all starting with the witchcraft drama in the very beginning. Innocent people had lost their lives along the way, and Abigail did not mind because she was to wrapped up over John Proctor. To say Abigail was solely responsible for this wouldn't be as fair but, Abigail had a vast majority of fault.
Abigail in “The Crucible” is a victim in some ways of society, and other ways not. She very well could have been a victim because everyone started looking at her different and understood what really went on between her and John Proctor. It could leave her feeling desperate and spiral out of control. On the other hand she is very much put this upon herself because Abigail had gotten “pleased” with the simple thought of witchcraft and how she can use that to her very own advantage and have people in the town somewhat pity her while feeling blessed that she is “helping” them. Certain things could have been avoided if Abigail was not so caught up in her constant lies she had to keep up for example, in the very beginning of the movie Abigail already lies towards the beginning to her Uncle when asked what she was doing in the forest she claims “we did dance uncle…. And there's the whole of it….” but later on it becomes clear she lied. Yes they were dancing, but it was...

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