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Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment C
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Table of Contents
1 Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 
2 Corporate Governance-----------------------------------------------------------------------------3 
3 Corporate Social Responsibility -----------------------------------------------------------------4 
4 Sustainable Development--------------- ---------------------------------------------------------4 
5 Triple Bottom Line ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 
6 Vale Do Rio Doce --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 
6.1 Vale do Rio Doce’s CSR and Sustainability-----------------------------------------------6
7 Financial Report------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------8
8 Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9
9 References-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10
1 Introduction
In the world of business and of great corporate organizations in particular, discussions about corporate social responsibility and sustainability have become quite common. Governments in turn, sees in CSR an opportunity to maximize the benefits gained by the community through a company’s economic achievements, using it as a way of reducing the social and environmental impact these companies produce.
According to the World Bank (2002), CSR is the commitment corporations have to contribute and develop an economical sustainability, working alongside employees, their families, the local community and society in general. These commitments should generate action which improve the lives of the society and also of the corporation.
In a time where huge companies were making an absurd amount of profit and consumers were angry with power these corporations had, corporate social responsibility started with need of big organization to improve their public image MAZURKIEWICZ, P. (2002).
2 Corporate Governance
Corporate governance is a set of rules used to control an organization and how it is run ("What is corporate governance?", 2018). The ones responsible for corporate governance are the board of directors. They are in charge of setting the company’s objectives, providing a path to effectively reach the targeted objectives, by supervising the managers of the business and then reporting to the shareholders.
In other words, corporate governance is what is decided by the board of directors with regards to structure, working methods and techniques to facilitate reaching organizational aims.
Nowadays, corporate governance processes, structures ...

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