Csr Reporting

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I. gamWvirvaloba da mdgradi ganviTarebis angariSgeba II. CSR strategiis SemuSaveba da ganxorcieleba
I. gamWvirvaloba da mdgradi ganviTarebis angariSgeba
gamWvirvaloba da angariSgeba korporaciuli socialuri pasuxismgeblobis ZiriTadi komponentebia.
dRevandel msoflioSi sazogadoebisaTvis mniSvnelovania ara mxolod is, rom kompania iyos socialurad pasuxismgebeli, aramed isic, rom kompania sazogadoebas sajarod awvdides informacias imis Sesaxeb, Tu raSi mdgomareobs misi socialuri pasuxismgebloba, ra programebs da iniciativebs axorcielebs igi am mimarTulebiT, rogor cdilobs gaiTvaliswinos da gaaumjobesos sakuTari saqmianobis zegavlenebi bunebriv garemosa da sxvadasxva dainteresebul ...view middle of the document...

m asSi warmodgenili unda iyos dabalansebuli da dasabuTebuli informacia imis Sesaxeb, Tu ra dadebiTi an uaryofiTi zegavlena moaxdina angariSis warmdgeni kom paniis saq mianobam mdgradi ganv iTarebis cneb asTan dakavSirebul sam sferoze - e konomikur , garemosdacviT da socialur sferoebze .
termini ,,mdgradi ganviTarebis angariSi" aris sinonimi sxva msgavsi terminebisa, rogoricaa socialuri angariSi, korporaciuli pasuxismgeblobis angariSi, CSR-is angariSi, arafinansuri angariSi da misT. yvela es termini, arsebiTad, aRniSnavs angariSgebas kompaniis saqmianobis ekonomikuri, ekologiuri da socialuri aspeqtebis, socialurad pasuxismgebel saqmianobaTa da programaTa Sesaxeb.

arsebiTad, mdgradi ganviTarebis angariSi pasuxs scems im ZiriTad SekiTxvebs, romlebic dainteresebul mxareebsa da farTo sazogadoebas SeiZleba gauCndes kompaniis saqmianobis Sesaxeb _ rogoria kompaniis prioritetebi da eTikuri faseulobebi, rogor urTierTobs kompania masTan dakavSirebul organizaciebTan da socialur jgufebTan, rogor iRebs monawileobas qveynis saerTo ekonomikur ganviTarebaSi, socialuri keTildReobisa da ekologiuri stabilurobis miRwevaSi.
mniSvnelovania, rom angariSSi warmodgenili informacia iyos zusti , sando, faqtebze dafuZnebuli, gadamowm ebadi da sruli (anu srulad moicavdes kompaniis saqmianobis yvela komponents); warmodgenili iyos m kiTxv elisaTvis gasageb i formiT; Seexebodes im sakiTxebs, romlebic yvelaze ufro aqtualuri da m niSvnelovania organizaciis dainteresebuli mxareeb isaTis ; amasTan, iyos drouli (anu Seexebodes bolo drois da ara warsul saqmianobebsa da zegavlenebs) da dab alansebuli (ar ifarglebodes mxolod dadebiTi monacemebis warmoCeniT, aramed Tanabrad asaxavdes kompaniis saqmianobisa da zegavlenebis dadebiT da uaryofiT mxareebs).
kompaniebi ufro xSirad aqveyneben mdgradi ganviTarebis erTian angariSebs, romlebSic warmodgenilia konsolidirebuli informacia mTeli kompaniis saqmianobis Sesaxeb (yvela qvedanayofis, filialisa Tu sawarmos CaTvliT). Tumca, multinacionaluri kompaniebi xSirad aqveyneben nacionaluri an regionuli donis angariSebsac, romlebic asaxaven maT saqmianobas romelime erT qveyanaSi an regionSi.
mdgradi ganviTarebis angariSebi, iseve rogorc nebismieri sxva saxis angariSebi, Cveulebriv qveyndeba beWduri an eleqtronuli formiT.
angariSis gadamowmeba/gare Sefaseba
Tavad organizaciis mier warmodgenili informacia, sakuTari socialuri da garemosdacviTi saqmianobebis Sesaxeb, SeiZleba ar iyos sando dainteresebuli mxareebisaTvis. mdgradi ganviTarebis angariSis gadamowmeba da dadastureba mesame mxaris mier aris is gza, romlis meSveobiTac kompaniebi moipoveben ndobas sakuTari angariSebis mimarT. (amgvari gadamowmebisaTvis xmaroben aseve terminebs `damoukidebeli auditi~, `gare Sefaseba~ _ Verification/conformity assessment/assurance). angariSis gadamowmeb am unda daadasturos, rom kom paniis m ier angariSSi warmodgenili informacia aris zusti, sando da Seefereba realobas . Ees met sanodoobas sZens angariSs da zrdis kompaniis imijsa da reputacias. Greenwash - es...

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