Cue For Treason: Peter's Development English Essay

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Mazzarine Dibayula
Ms. Ouellette
Maturity is something that everyone goes through. Some start to mature at a super young age and others when their much older. In the book Cue for Treason, by Geoffrey Trease, Peter Brownrigg shows many signs of maturity. Peter Brownrigg shows loyalty, respect and bravery. He shows loyalty by joining the secret service, shows respect by respecting Kit when he finds out she is a girl, and also shows bravery by retrieving the script back from the Yellow Gentleman. Peter’s maturity develops because he makes choices that benefit the grater good.
Peter shows many signs of loyalty. He shows loyalty by wanting to protect the Queen. “If I give up mow, and let myself slip down into the sweet peace of the green water, the Queen would be murdered and the kingdom thrown into anarchy.” (Trease 213). Peter goes out of his way to ensure the Queen does not get assassinated, which would cause chaos. Peter also shows loyalty when he becomes determined to find Tom Boyd. “I knew I had to fight on… I had had little food and was still suffering from a tremendous crack on the head.” (Trease 201). Peter is once again went out if his way to protect the Queen. Peter shows he is truly loyal to his Queen no matter what conditions he is in.
Respect is something that peter gains as he matures. When peter discovers Kit is a girl he automatically apologizes ...


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