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1. Write a four-course menu for a Board of Directors luncheon where you are told to WOW them:
1st Course: - Classic Wedge Salad Wedge of Iceberg topped with cilantro ranch dressing, heirloom cherry
tomatoes, Candied bacon, Crispy matchstick potatoes, and a balsamic vinegar reduction
2nd Course: - Fire roasted tomato soup topped with creme fraiche and a caramelized onion coulis, and
served with asiago toast points
3rd Course: - Boursin stuffed petite filet topped with a warm bacon onion chutney over roasted garlic
mashed potatoes and served with lemon-scented asparagus. Garnished with red and green bell pepper
4th Course: - Strawberry shortcake martinis with a port wine sauce and Chantilly cream
2. Describe a menu for a picnic for 800:
Garden Salad, Yellow mustard potato salad, Baked beans, macaroni and cheese, BBQ pulled pork, grilled chicken
breast, nutter butter banana pudding parfaits, oreo parfaits, assorted cookies, and brownies.
3. Give 3 examples of each of the following salads (be descriptive):
1. Red and white quinoa salad with sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, Italian parsley, lemon juice and
olive oil.
2. Toasted barley with roasted medium diced mirepoix, marinated asparagus, caramelized fennel,
toasted almonds, lightly dressed with walnut oil and champagne vinegar vinaigrette.
3. Mediterranean tabbouleh salad with minced cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, crunchy spiced
garbanzo beans, lemon zest, and roasted garlic olive oil.
Greens Based:
1. Ceasar salad with smoked paprika dusted toast points and fried capers
2. Boston Bib lettuce topped with wasabi-crusted Ahi Tuna, Asian slaw with red cabbage, carrots,
green onions, and a sesame oil and rice vinegar dressing, topped with toasted red and black sesame
seeds and ginger dusted wonton crisp
Culinary Written Exam 1 5/7/2017
Culinary Written Exam
3. Baby spring mix topped with marinated artichokes and a four bean balsamic vinaigrette
Protein Based
1. Curry chicken salad with almonds, dried apricots, and golden raisins
2. Poached salmon salad with fresh dill, cream cheese, and green onions
3. Beef tartar with shaved horseradish, Pickled red onions, and shaved rainbow beets
4. Describe how you would make Bchamel Sauce:
Start by adding whole milk to a stock pot and let simmer, next make a pale roux in a separate pan, slowliy add
some of the simmering milk to the pot with the roux and stir vigourosly to temper the roux, continue to add the rest
of the milk to the other pot. Add a quartered or halfed onion to the pot while it slowly reduces and thickens, once
sauce is near desired consistency add white pepper, salt, and nutmeg.
5. Name at least 5 types of mushrooms
Button, Shitake, Portabello, Morel, oyster
6. What is mise en place
To put things in their place. Basically to get everything you need to make a dish ready before you start cooking.
7. Highlight the five basic sauces.
a. Espanol e. Barnaise h. Hollandaise

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