Cultural Differences In Business Between Asia And The United States

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I have read a lot about the cultural differences between Asia and the United States. I have talked to some of my Asian acquaintances here in Okinawa. There are quite a few cultural differences in the business worlds in Hong Kong and the States.In the states, employees have stronger feelings about and opinions of the intrinsic contracts ...view middle of the document...

They feel that extrinsic contracts are not as important, but still an issue when it comes to business. Employees in the United States are not as respectful to management and will even argue if they feel they have a strong point. In some cases this may be a good thing. In the United States we tend to be more aggressive and have strong opinions rather than suggestions.In Hong Kong, they believe that extrinsic contracts are everything. They believe as long as they have a strong front and image then there business will succeed. This is a good thing when it comes to public images because if you look like you have a strong business then the public will not know any different. Intrinsic contracts are not a main concern in Hong Kong. They are pushed to the side until they have a strong front and then it may be worked on.


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2173 words - 9 pages who came to the U.S. under 16 and meet other criteria, to apply for employment authorization and receive a Social Security number in U.S. The fact is, some of the legislators have hindered the progression of a path to citizenship. With President Trump taking office, the Dream Act has become a politic tradeoff to establish a border wall between Mexico and United States. It is very discouraging and pathetic that someone who’s family and wife are

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468 words - 2 pages Over the past Century, terrorism has evolved from random killings to massive plans for terrorist groups. From the Trade Center bombing, to the September 11th attack in 2002, the United States had endured more than enough of its share of terrorism, and to this day continues to suffer.The first real wake-up call occurred on February 26, 1993. The main conspirator, Ramzi Yousef, was first discovered with partner Abu Barra under fake passports