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Palich, L.E. and Gomez-Mejia, L.R. (1999) admit that their claims... "regarding the deleterious effects of cultural diversity for global firms clearly diverge from the "value-in-diversity" perspective that dominates contemporary theory."Through a detailed review of the relevant literature, examine the arguments supporting the view that cultural diversity can have a positive impact on global firms.Throughout the following pages I will explain the reasons why there is support for cultural diversity within the workplace even though it has been exploited as having a detrimental affect upon domestic and international companies. Having examined the literature there are a number of key topics wh ...view middle of the document...

According to a study held by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Fortune magazine called Impact of Diversity Initiatives on the Bottom Line, which was based on the responses of human resource professionals at 121 Fortune 1,000 companies,diversity initiatives bolster the bottom line in a number of ways. Respondents indicate that diversity improves:1.Corporate culture.2.Recruitment of new employees.3.Client relations.In addition, diversity results in:1.Higher retention of employees.2.Decreased complaints and litigation.3.The organization's improved ability to move into emerging markets.Effectively managing the challenges and implications of a diverse workplace has been on the radar screen of many major corporations for at least the last eight years. Programs and policies have been implemented, personnel appointed and resources allocated.But as the economy slows and company leaders review costs with a high-powered magnifying glass, it is the ideal time to analyse which company expenditures provide value added, and which do not. Prioritising budgetary items is a tricky business and only the most adept can manipulate their way successfully through an economic downturn.Can diversity initiatives provide the necessary value added at your company? The benefits listed below can help determine their importance for a particular business. However we must keep in mind that only those companies who can proactively manage their diversity will be able realize the benefits described. Taking advantage of a diverse workforce is a learned skill, not unlike practicing the principles of time management or process improvement. Without understanding and applying the necessary skills, studies show that organizations do not see bottom-line change.Benefit 1: Marketing.Marketing is a major factor when building international business. How the marketing effort interacts with a culture determines the success or failure of a product. Advertising and promotion require special attention because they play a key role in communicating product concepts and benefits to the target segment and also people in different cultures often have different ideas about the same object and what is acceptable in one culture may not necessarily be so in another. So an understanding of the culture is central to successful marketing. Therefore a diverse workforce is a great benefit to the company as to develop a successful marketing strategy the marketing manager must have knowledge of the needs and wants of potential buyers. For example Campbell soup lost $30 million in Europe before it accepted the idea that UK & US soup consumers were different in 3 ways---UK consumers have difference taste preference, UK consumers had not been educated to the condensed soup product and they also did not respond in the same way to US advertisement. So we need to understand the beliefs, values, customs and rituals of the country in which the product is being marketed in order to adapt the prod...



7751 words - 32 pages Cultural diversity in effective work place conflict resolutionJirga in Afghanistan vs. Canadian court system A case based approach introduction:Conflicts of various kinds are as old as the human civilization. Humans on an individual level or collectively in the form of a tribe, nation or ethnic group have had mild to severe conflict over scarce, yet much needed, resources such as - land, money, political power, and ideology. History is full of

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1490 words - 6 pages Journal of Diversity Management – December 2014 Volume 9, Number 2 Copyright by author(s); CC-BY 89 The Clute Institute The Effects Of Cultural Diversity In The Workplace Gillian Coote Martin, South Florida College of Arts Science & Technology, USA ABSTRACT Cultural diversity in the workplace has grown as a trend over the passage of time with the increase of globalization in the world. One positive effect is that employees belonging to different

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536 words - 3 pages institutional racism into consideration (Warikoo, 2016).” People who are of the color white get discriminated against as well and do not feel as though they are being treated as an equal or getting equal opportunity. Men and women feel the same way when it is an all-male or female sport. This is where affirmative action comes into play and it can get very edgy and emotional for all those involved. The decision to highlight diversity over equality

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882 words - 4 pages Sky Hawkins April 16, 2019 MOA110 Maslow's theory may be discussed in light of employee motivation. While many psychologists and other theorists spend their time studying anomalies that make some individuals less successful than others, Maslow spent most of his time looking at those particularly successful people who had it all together and asking himself what happened to make them so successful. What Maslow found is that there are certain

Locate, Read, And Review The Following Article: Miller, Toyah And Del Carmen Triana, Maria. 2009. Demographic Diversity In The Boardroom: Mediators Of The Board Diversity–Firm Performa...

1373 words - 6 pages current situation of boards in major companies in the United States. Then they apply research studies to try to conclude solid facts on this issue. Diversity's different aspects are related to cultural backgrounds and various indications appear; they constitute the subject of this article. Second, the authors discuss the reasons behind the influence of board racial and gender diversity on innovation and reputation.The general theoretical

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789 words - 4 pages senior management, including policies and procedures related to recruiting and training qualified employees. This means recruiting new employees to get the skills they can bring, not their cultural homogeneity. It also means establishing a communication process that values ​​cultural differences and work ethics. Third, cultural diversity is best in an environment that emphasizes customers. Business models include meeting the needs and needs of

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707 words - 3 pages : viewing another culture’s customs and ideas within the context of that culture’s problems and opportunities (ex. Female genital cutting) Early evolutionism: A 19th century theory that proposed a uni-linear series of stages through which all societies must go (or had gone) in order to reach civilization. Cultural evolution from simple to complex, progress was possible for all (based on innovations). Used to explain the widespread cultural diversity


379 words - 2 pages Free Europe is home to people of many different descents and cultures. And with this diversity of peoples and short distances and large cultural differences.Europe's diversity of peoples has been its greatest assets and its downfall. With short distances and large cultural differences, it has become a constant gyration of ideas, not to mention goods.The Greeks, built the foundation of modern Europe. With their mastery of Arts. Science, and

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1315 words - 6 pages ) that cause misunderstanding, and unhealthy conflict; in order to rectify inaccurate cultural mindsets in everyday life as well as in business; and doing so without resorting to cultural appropriation. For example, in university, which in ways is a microcosm of diversity in its surrounding, even global, community, I encountered cultural conflict with both my professors and my peers in the area of communication. I was not always aware of what

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1200 words - 5 pages . I attend a college also 40 miles away with a very diverse population of students. I have also had many classes on cultural diversity. He and I both know what is outside this box. Yet when we come home to this town at night, we know we are safe to keep our doors unlocked as we sleep and the keys in our cars. You are all "safe" here.Now, however, you are graduating from high school, several of you moving to the big universities in towns with so

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440 words - 2 pages In today’s society there are many cultures and each of these has a different perspective of the world around them. In schools there is a growing need to address cultural differences. This includes biases that happen when there is a lack of understanding of other cultures. One way to begin is to understand exactly what culture is. According to Richard Gargiulo, culture is the attitudes, values, belief systems, norms, and traditions of a group


2839 words - 12 pages implementing diversity initiatives throughout NAT.Effective human communication is a task requiring a delicate mix of both skill and intuition. It is less an unidirectional, linear process and more an interactive partnership and exchange between one or more people requiring clarity and rapport.To make the challenge a bit more complex - we faced an amalgam of nationalities, ethnicities, cultural values, work environments and unique communication styles

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1136 words - 5 pages fill in jobs that require high-level skills and experiences. Therefore, these young talents and skilled workers had a positive impact on Canada. Zhang 2 Immigration in the early 2000s had a positive impact on Canada as it promotes cultural diversity in Canada. From census, People from Asia and the Pacific contribute the highest number immigrants compared to any other continent at 129,592. They are also the highest contributors to the family and

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982 words - 4 pages Everest UniversityPrinciples of Sociology July 25, 2009You are what you eatThis paper is about an exploration in different cultures and what they eat. In this paper one's opinion about the different types of food eaten in different cultures will be discussed. Also in this paper there will be a discussion on cultural diversity and diet. Included in this paper will be a discussion on the sociological theories of functionalism, conflict theory, and

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292 words - 2 pages at all times.Dancing was a very important aspect of aboriginal life. Through dancing the aboriginal people re-enacted their dreaming stories. Dancing often accompanied singing in a ceremony.The aboriginal people decorated their bodies, they carefully painted their skin with white and red ochre.Children are told dreaming stories which tell about the aboriginal values such as respect for the elderly, sharing of food, and duites to kin and the land.aboriginal art tradional reflects the diversity of cultural expression.Aboriginal people believe the life cycle begins with a soul-spirit and returns to a soul-spirit.