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Article Review
John Walsh
December 12, 2017
The three articles Only for My Kid, Black, Latino students on outside looking in at America’s top public high schools, and Who is affirmative action for? were very interesting articles that make you think more clearly and it helps you understand more black and white and not the gray areas of things. There are many ways to sum up the three articles with different views but how we all see them are completely different. As we live in a Country that is so divided everyone has become segregated and has hurt many people in the process.
The first article I will talk about will be the affirmative action article. I am not completely in agreement with what it is they have to state about the white students and schools against black students. I don’t think it is fair to stereotype against races because in this day and age, the African American people are pulling their weight around the United States and getting many things and starting fights, wars, and protests against things that they feel they deserve. I think it is fair to say Caucasian people don’t get a lot either. Just because they feel we are the majority, we are now considered the minority. How is it blacks can call whites names and it is okay, but when a black is called a name they say it is racist. I am not sure how this is equal and fair for everyone. Black students in the school have clubs just for black students, but you do not see white students having clubs just for white students. This is truly a double standard in my opinion and how can we go about changing things without starting a racist fight. “Affirmative action is about expanding opportunity and recalibrating our imprecise measures of me...


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