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Cultural Identities Essay

1462 words - 6 pages



Ileana Botescu-Sireteanu

Assistant Lecturer

Transilvania University of Brasov

Course description:

This course aims at introducing the fundamental concepts in discussing identity and culture. It focuses on the various mechanisms involved in the production of identity, both personal and collective, with a specific interest in cultural identity. It mainly investigates those cultural identities shaped within the territory of the USA

Course Requirements and Bibliography:

Course attendance is not mandatory

Seminar Attendance is 75% mandatory but it does not bring you any points if unaccompanied by ...view middle of the document...

Students who plagiarize will be unable to take the exam.

Your Grade:

1. class contribution/oral presentation (70% of your final grade)

2. written assignment on any of the topics discussed (30%)

Course Outline:

Cultural Identities: sameness and difference; nature and culture; personal and collective; Acculturation, Interculturation

Identity and Meaning in the Network Society: The Construction of Identity; Hybridity and Myulti-layered Cultural Identities

Imagined Communities or Communal Images?

Globalization, Informalization and Social Movements

Up in Arms against the New World Order: the American Militia

The Lamas of Apocalypse: Japan's Aum, Al-Qaeda

The Anti-Globalization Movement; Mixing Cultural�Identities through�Transracial Adoption: the American Melting Pot

The Environmental Movement

Social Movements, Family and Sexuality in the Information Age: the crisis of the patriarchal family; the feminist movement; lesbian and gay liberation movements

Globalization and the State

Informational Politics and the Crisis of Democracy

Seminar Outline and Reading Assignments:

Stuart Hall: Who Needs Identity?

Emile Benveniste: Subjectivity in Language

Jacqueline Rose: Feminine Sexuality

Michael Rustin: Psychoanalysis, racism and anti-racism

Marcel MAuss: A Category of the Human Mind: the notion of person, the notion of self

Nikolas Rose: Identity, Genealogy, History

Course materials:

Manuel Castells: The Power of Identity, London: Blackwell, 2008

Ed. Paul de Gay, Jessica Evans, Peter Redman: Identity: A Reader, Sage Publications, 2000

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